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The Sugar Detox – Kiss your sugar cravings goodbye

***UPDATE: I’ve had a lot of requests to create a Vegan Cleanse. I have now available for you The 21 Day Vegan Cleanse Challenge. This will work above and beyond as a sugar detox as well as a full body, mind and soul cleanse. For full details please click here.

Kick the sugar addition for good with this 3 day sugar detox!

I think it’s a perfect time to get rid of your sugar habit. The holidays are over, the day of LOVE is done (mind you I think everyday is a good day to love yourself and others), and the focus now is your trip south or getting in shape for summer!

Believe it or not, if you want to look and feel great this summer now is the time to start. Don’t know where to start? No worries! I am here to save the day and to conquer your sugar mood swings! You know you have them!!

So here is your sugar detox game plan!

All you have to do is read this over and follow this plan! You can do this sugar detox for a minimum of one day or as many as 3.

First of all, why is sugar bad? When you consume excess sugar that your body can’t use it is then turned into fat by the body. Sugar can cause hormonal changes and mood swings. New studies show that excess sugar causes ageing of the skin. As we know sugar is also addictive. The more you eat it the more you want it. Sugar is known to creep in places where you may not expect. Canned foods, boxed products and processed foods are often loaded with hidden sugars. The good news is the longer sugar is out of your system the less you will crave. Ideally, what you want to do is be in a place where your sugar fix comes from a fresh piece of fruit.
The Sugar Detox

Are you ready for your sugar detox? Here it comes…

Start Here:
Below is a general guide for beginning your sugar detox. We have included what to eat (with a menu plan), what to drink, tips to avoid sugar, etc.

Start today and curb your sugar cravings for good!

*How much water do I drink? For the next 3 days drink 3 liters spread out throughout each day. My personal favorite is using a stainless steel water bottle or at home a 1 liter glass mason jar. I bring this bottle with me everywhere I go! Keep it in your sight and you will be reminded to re-fill and keep drinking!

*Need an energy boost? Drink a cup of green tea. Green tea has some caffeine to help you through the afternoon slump but also contains those mighty antioxidants that help in preventing ageing and so much more!

*Craving a sugary cocktail drink? Try this drink below! It is refreshing and feels fancy! You won’t even realize how healthy it is!! (that right, I slip health into you all like you are my bad little children. Don’t judge, I have to do what I have to do!).

This drink is mainly Ginger and Lemon, two superfoods. Here are the health benefits to your delicious drink:

– Lemon has a high vitamin C content that helps to improve resistance to infection, making it effective against colds and flu. Once it’s ingested it has an alkaline effect within the body. This is great for restoring internal balance during times of inflammation. It also stimulates liver detoxification and is a great antioxidant.

– Ginger is great for digestive issues such as indigestion, gas, and nausea. It stimulates the circulation, and helps blood flow to the surface. This helps to reduce blood pressure and relieves poor circulation of the hands and feet. Finally, its warming and soothing for coughs, colds and flu. It is amazing!

DAMY Lemon-Ginger Longevity

In a blender:

One freshly squeezed lemon
2 Tbsp grated ginger
5 drops of liquid stevia

Blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and top with sparkling water. Garnish with a slice of ginger on the side of the glass.

What to eat for the next 3 days…

For the DAMY Sugar Detox you will need (Grocery list):

– Eggs
– Lean Chicken Breast
– Salmon

– Steel-cut Oatmeal
– Sweet Potato
– Quinoa (in place of the Steel Cut Oats if you are Gluten Free)

Fruits and Veggies:
– Frozen Mixed Berries or Blueberries
– Spinach
– Lettuce
– Tomatoes
– Asparagus
– Zucchini
– Peppers
– Apples
– Cucumbers

Condiments/Good Fats:
– Natural Peanut Butter
– Hummus
– Almonds
– Balsamic Vinegar (to top salad, chicken, or veggies)
– Ground Flax (tops salad or oatmeal)
– Stevia (sprinkle a little on top of your pancake or berries)
– Mustard
– Lemons
– Fresh ginger
– Olive Oil
– *More listed below

Your DAMY Sugar Detox Menu

3 egg whites
1/2 cup oatmeal (or cooked quinoa for a GF version)
1 tbsp flax
1/4 cup blueberries water
(make it into a pancake! It is so much fun! See recipe below)

1 apple
1 tbsp natural peanut butter

1/2 sweet potato
3 oz grilled chicken
2 Cups spinach salad with cucumbers, red peppers, and balsamic vinegar

4 tbsp hummus
1 cup raw veggies

3 oz salmon
1/2 sweet potato
1 cup green veggies
2 cups of salad wt balsamic vinegar


3 oz baked chicken breast
1/2 cup sliced zucchini
1/2 cup asparagus
2 cups of salad with balsamic vinegar

Snack: 15 almonds

Breakfast Recipe – Protein Pancake

1/2 dry quick oats
1/4 cup egg white
1/4 blue berries
dash cinnamon
1 tsp ground flaxseed
1 tbsp almond milk

Place in a frying pan and cook like a pancake.

Your Guide for the next 3 days:

You need to eat every 2-3 hours. This will re-program your body! Doing so speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn fat. Your body says “hey, I’m going to be getting more in a couple hours…I’ll burn this as energy.” Going long periods of time without eating makes your body store fat, and your energy levels drop resulting in sugar cravings… period.

When grocery shopping, only buy the food on your list. If it’s not on your meal plan (or we haven’t talked about it) don’t bring it into your home.

At DAMY Health I recommend that each of my clients take a good quality multi-vitamin and 1 tablespoon of ground flax in the am on their oatmeal. I would suggest the same to each of you. The flax is amazing! It makes you feel full and has a small laxative effect. Do you know that the average person has 10 extra pounds of waste in their system??? Eat that flax and get rid of it.

Try to use low-sodium, low sugar. Low-sodium soy, mustard, hot sauce, salsa are all great choices. Get rid of the salt!

Get to know your spices! Spice is amazing! All spices are more than welcome! Cinnamon in the morning on your oatmeal is the BEST! Cinnamon is known to balance blood sugars! It also combats bad breath!!

We have a list of foods that are known as “free”. This means that you can add these foods to any meal at anytime! These foods include: mushrooms, celery, onion, garlic (a natural antibiotic), lettuce, and peppers! Use these foods to dress up your meals! Sick of egg whites??? Scramble your egg whites with the peppers, onion, mushrooms and dress with some salsa! Hello!!! Yummy!!! And sooo good for you!

Quick points:

– This plan is here to get you off your sugar habit in a hurry. Stick to the plan and don’t give into the sugar cravings in the beginning. The longer you are off the sugar the easier it is!

– Focus on eliminating all artificial sweeteners and products out of our diet (chemicals can be just as bad as the real thing. Stick to small amounts of stevia).

– Let’s make sure that pre-packaged foods are not creeping back in! – Concentrate on whole natural foods for the entire family.

– Always buy organic where you can! This includes your meat and eggs! Always look for free-range organic. If you can buy organic do so!

– Make sure you are getting a good source of protein at every meal, eating every 2-3 hours, only consuming healthy fats, limiting alcohol consumption, drinking at least 3-4 liters of water a day, and avoiding chemicals!

– Do not starve on this plan! If you find yourself hungry you can increase your protein (portion sizes of egg whites, chicken, fish etc.) and you can always add more vegetables!!!

You can do this for one day at least! Commit to it. It is only one day of your life! Just see how you feel the next day. My bet is you feel light, have more energy, and are craving less junk. This may just be the perfect sugar detox that sets you on a long path to success. Give yourself one day! It may turn into 3 days or better yet it may spark your fire to get on a long term plan that will get you to your goals!!!

DAMY Natural Weight Loss Programs

***DAMY Health long term eating plans are not this strict or regimented. They provide you with choices and freedom. This is just a cleanse made for 3 days max.

If you are serious about losing weight and looking for a more results like a tight, fit physique the DAMY Health Bikini Body Program is for you – Click here for more details.

If you are new to health and fitness or want to live a healthier lifestyle the DAMY Method plan is for you. Click here for more details.

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*Before beginning any diet or exercise regimen please consult your physician.

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  • Lindsay Maddox

    I love this, Amy!! Sending this to several of my friends :)


  • Amy Layne

    Thanks Lindsay! You must make the “Cocktail”. So Yummy!!!

  • Metabolism Boosters Guy

    Nice, I’ll share it with my customers, thanks for the infos!

    • Amy Layne

       You are welcome 

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  • guest

     hi, i am a vegetarian. what can i use for protein besides the chicken and other meat (i can handle fish)

    • Amy Layne

       Hey there! 

       You can use any vegetable protein. Tofu, Tempe , White fish etc. Just keep them as natural as possible 

  • Hadassah

    Did this today….. see how tomorrow goes… thanks for the advice! And encouragement!

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  • Adam Johnson

    If you really want to kick your sugar cravings/addictions you have to know the cause of it. Of course eating a lot of sugar(also contaminated with fungus) will make you crave it, but there is a whole host of other issues that are causing those specific cravings…and that is the issue of fungus. If you eliminate sugar but are still consuming fungal contaminated foods then it will be an endless battle to try and conquer the sugar problems.
    To successfully crack the cravings, an antifungal diet has to be in place.  Knowing the proper foods that will starve and kill fungi is essential.  You did a great job of mentioning ginger and lemon(both are antifungal powerhouses) but peanut butter and vinegar(except apple cider vinegar) are both highly fungal contaminated foods.  I’m just glad that someone in the fitness industry is tackling the hidden dangers of sugar.

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  • Juliecooks

    My husband and I are both between jobs,and in order to stick to our healthy eating habits we would nromally be able to afford to eat organc and all these healthy foods. What are your grocery reccomendations for close to broke people?

    • Christalledalsted

      it depends on where you live but I have this great grocery store in my area called sunflower farmers market. they have the freshest produce and the organic stuff is cheaper than the regular stuff at safeway or king soopers! also – I don’t care what anyone says but I really like frozen veggies and always have. as long as you don’t get the kind with all the extra butter and stuff on them i think they are really good for you!

    • astrodad

      See if there is a Trader Joe’s market in your area. They have many natural and organic products that are cheaper than most other store brand products.

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  • Sarah

    I started this detox with an intention of following it through to the 3rd day, but now its 2 weeks in and I haven’t even looked back! Before, chocolate and ice cream were a part of my DAILY diet, now I don’t even look at them twice in the supermarket! Best part is I’m down 5 kgs and feeling better and healthier than EVER!!

    • Amy Layne

      That is wonderful Sarah! I love to hear it!!! Good for you. Great job! If you ever want to kick it up you should look at our Bikini Body Program! I would love to work with you. 

      Sounds like you are well on your way to your goal. Thank you so much for sharing!!! 

  • GdWTchTeri

    Any protien suggestions as a vegan alternative that can make this work too?

    • Amy Layne

      Hey there! 

       Any Vegan meat option would work! You can have tofu, temph, soy beans etc! 

  • Angie

    How often do you drink the lemon/ ginger cocktail drink? once a day, or more???? 

    • Amy Layne

      Hey Angie! 

      2 times a day would be perfect! 

  • Paul

    “access sugar” should be “excess sugar”

  • Chrhicks

    What is the difference between Steel cut oatmeal and rolled oats or Quick oats

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  • Jacquiel16

    Trying this this week starting monday for 3 days. Gotta kick this sugar addiction! Will post how it goes

    • Amy Layne

      Whooo hoooo! You will love it!!! Rock it out!! 

  • Dashiella

    does tofu fit in anywhere?

    • Amy Layne

      Hi there! You are free to use tofu is you want in place of any meat of fish! That is up to you! 

  • Noble4jesuschrist

    Any vegan options for the protein for someone allergic to tree nuts?

    • Noble4jesuschrist

      And a soy allergy.

    • Amy Layne

      Hi! Sorry I just saw this! You could always try roasted chickpeas in the place of nuts or nut butter! They would be great! 

  • Sally-kennedy

    What is peanut butter water?
     Snack:1 apple1 tbsp natural peanut butter water

    • Amy Layne

      Hi Sally! that is 1 apple, 1 tbsp a natural peanut butter and a glass of water! 

       Have fun with this! 

  • Jenanan

    Can I subsitute almond butter for peanut butter?

    • jenanan

      * I meant sub the peanut butter for almond butter..

    • Amy Layne

      Yes, for sure! Make sure it is natural! 

  • Deborasadler6

    i have used this program before thanks Amy Lane it is wonderful love you site it is my bible cheers Deb

    • Amy Layne

      Thanks Deb! I love to hear it! Hope you are having a great day! 

  • Brooke


  • Corey

    I officially am excited to try this.  The meals sound yummy.  I can’t wait to rid of this constant sugar cravings.

  • Tracie

    Hi Amy! I have the same question as Brooke about coffee being allowed on the sugar detox and during clean eating… can we have it?  Thanks:)

    • Amy Layne

      Hey Tracie! 

       Yes you can have 2 cups a day with no added sugar or cream. I like to use a stevia packet if I want the sweet taste and unsweetened almond milk for the milk! 

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  • Teresa

    Okay, here’s my problem.  I don’t like eggs, salmon, oatmeal in any form, hummus, cucumbers, sweet potatoes . . . so what do I do now to subsitute all these items?  Thanks!

  • Teresa

    Okay, here’s my problem.  I don’t like eggs, salmon, oatmeal in any form, hummus, cucumbers, sweet potatoes . . . so what do I do now to subsitute all these items?  Thanks!

  • Ilovebunnies48

    I can’t eat eggs…any substitutions?

  • Missjackson8088

    I tried the ginger/lemon thing but I didnt blend it first! I really liked it either way! thank you!

  • Missjackson8088

    Amy! Your the best! I am going to try this diet in a week or so but I read this last night & I have made the ginger/lemon concoction 3x already! I haven’t had any pop for 2 days! woo hoo! & if it wasnt for you twitting me about your site, i wouldnt have known about it! this site in a diamond the rough- you should see about sponsors, just a positive suggestion (:

  • Rachelturnerbiz

    I really liked your blog and completely agree with you on how much sugar is forced upon us without knowing it. I look forward to reading more. By the way I have a special offer to anyone interested purchasing a copy of the 21 Day Detox by Diane Sanfilipo. Her book is amazing and helps you step by step to detox in increments for the beginners all the way up to the advanced. $5 buck rebate offer.

  • Bellezadedesastre

    With the sweet potatoe…can you make them into fries?

  • Higuys

    This may be a dumb question, but for your cocktail, do you mean the juice of one lemon?

    • Meeshay

      This sounds absolutely delicious, but I’m wondering the same thing…and also is there any other liquid that it’s blended with..? The juice of one lemon, 2 T. ginger & 1 T. stevia wouldn’t even cover the blades in the bottom of the blender…and mine has a 10 oz. minimum….just seems like there should be water or something too..?

      • Amy Layne

        In the blender you blend the ingredients that you will then top off with your water. See recipe below
        In a blender:
        One freshly squeezed lemon
        2 Tbsp grated ginger
        1 Tbsp of stevia
        Blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and top with sparkling water. Garnish with a slice of ginger on the side of the glass.

        • Meeshay

          Thank you! :)

    • Amy Layne

      Yes :)

  • Jessica

    If you follow this exactly, how many calories are you taking in?

  • Tammie

    I don’t like the taste of green tea, could I substitute another tea?

    • Lindsay

      Try twinnings green tea with lemon, it’s like 5 bucks for 20 packs but if you don’t like green tea, it’s a good introductory into green tea…and you don’t need to add any sugar or anything to it and the lemon is soothing. If it isn’t the best health wise, you can try adding juice from fresh lemon to regular green tea. :)

  • Shailey

    can you suggest any alternative for ‘stevia’ . I am here in India and don’t think I can get this.

  • Cassie

    Amy, what do you think about an initial 1 -2 fast of tea and water, before starting this program?

  • Ashley

    I cannot believe you offer this for FREE! I am starting this tomorrow. After a long weekend with my beloved bf eating unhealthy, sugar filled processed garbage, I am ready to let my body heal. I am shooting to do this for a whole week! Thanks Amy xoxo!

    • Amy Layne


  • Kayla

    Can you create a vegetarian version?

  • Patricia

    Can you use organic aqave nectar?

  • Amber

    I was just wondering where the mustard on the grocery list comes in to play?

    • Amy Layne

      It is a great condiment!

  • sheri

    What about alcohol. Will it cause weight gain even with a good diet

  • PittieMomStephi

    I am looking for a go to method that will last a long time to rid myself of sugar. I took a step in the right direction by cutting all soda out of my life (next Tuesday will be a month officially off the soda) Has anyone had any side affects (i.e. headaches, mood swings or down right cravings) from not having these items? I unfortunately but fortunately did not do well as a drinker, adult beverages, and I don’t smoke so I turned to food and mainly what my passion is, baking cupcakes. I plan on doing a month of no sugar starting next Tuesday and want to get ready for anything I might need, like motrin or tylenol if I have the headaches like I did this time.

  • Lindz

    I have a question about the “pancake.” It says steel cut oats in the grocery list, then oatmeal (cooked?) in the breakfast portion and then quick oats in the recipe. Which should I use? Also, breakfast says 1T of flax and recipe says 1t. Looking forward to trying this!!

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  • PAB

    Is this drink for the detox supposed to be very hot?

  • Lainee

    Really silly question here… for breakfast, should I measure the 1/2 cup of oats before or after they are cooked? Thanks, Amy, your blog is so positive and informative!

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  • Noelle

    Can you do this sugar detox while pregnant? I am about 6 months and crave, crave, crave sugar and coffee. I’ve been trying to kick the habits without success – pregnancy number 6 with all the stress I think it’s what gets me by – but I know it is BAD for me and I need to kick these habits. Hard to change things while pregnant but this looks doable – I wonder if I would have more of certain foods for the three days? I will be back after baby after baby 5 I never lost all my weight – so frustrating I will need help this time!!! I love your site so far!

  • Charyl

    I just stumbled onto this web site and haven’t completely read it all but wondered about the peanut butter water. Do you actually add peanut butter to the water and drink it or is that a typo?

    • Helena Enns

      I think water is supposed to be on the next line

    • Amy Layne

      Hi Charyl, It was a typo! It has been corrected.

  • thetwistedvegan

    Why not offer a veg*n option. You do so often, why not here ?

    • Amy Layne

      We have a 21 Day Vegan Food Cleanse Challenge coming up soon! stay tuned!

      • Nowell

        I hope soon!

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  • MP4U

    Need a replacement for eggs since that is an allergy for me

  • Jacqueline Davis

    Amy Layne…is there an alternative to STEVIA, I am allergic? Can I use agave, honey or coconut sugar instead?

    • Rebecca

      You can try Monk Fruit extract. It comes in packets and possibly liquid, but I just buy the little packets and use it in things like iced tea. It doesn’t have that Stevia aftertaste, either. Hope that helps!

  • Suja

    Hi! As a vegetarian can I have tofu (along with eggs) for the protein? Or is there a reason to avoid soy? Thanks!

  • Silvia

    Hi Amy, I am thinking about purchasing one of your programs. I am highly allergic to tree nuts. I noticed that you include tree nuts in many of your recipes. Is it possible to avoid tree nuts on your programs? I hope so!

  • laverne117

    Why would GF folks need to stay away from oatmeal? It has no gluten

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