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Is coffee bad for me? Why I stopped drinking coffee.

Wow, when I said publicly (on Facebook here) that it has been 6 months this month of giving up coffee the questions and comments rolled in.

Who knew coffee was such a hot button topic.

Here is my experience and why I gave it up.

First coffee is not “evil”. It is however not good for many people (including me!). I do have some caffeine here and there in teas (not every day just whenever I want one).

I “came off” coffee by drinking my green juice each morning in its place and still have my green juice first thing each morning (the recipes I use can be found here – How to Make Green Goddess Juice and here – 5 Gorgeous Green Juice Recipes).

Why coffee wasn’t ‘for me’

So for me coffee was a love hate thing. I would get “high” on it and then crash. I would end up craving sugar!!! Which I never do. I would not be hungry at all most the day not being able to eat my normal meals then be REALLY hungry at night.

My natural appetite was a mess.

Also, while I drank it I would be anxious and dehydrated (messing with hormones, healing, steady energy and fat burning). I have had adrenal issues in the past and drinking coffee only triggered them. It really messed with my hormones and drinking it caused me to hold onto some access body fat (while eating and working out the same).

I would be anxious and relying on this false energy to get through the day. At night I would not sleep well (again messing with healing, hormones and fat burning).

How I Feel Now (6 Months Later)

Since I have stopped drinking coffee I have natural, balanced energy and I feel amazing. I am in tune with the natural rhythms of my body. Life is about finding what makes you feel good and doing that. Coffee had more “negatives” than pluses for me.

This is my journey and my experience. Oh, and no more coffee stained teeth!! Love that too :)

Do you drink coffee? Have you ever stopped? How does coffee make you feel? How much coffee do you drink? Please leave your answers/comments below in the comments section!

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  • Cassandra

    I agree with you about the affects of coffee on the body. I however am a distributor of healthy coffee! Yes you head me correctly! Imagine a coffee that oxygenates the blood, detoxifies the body, promotes sleep, is NON acidic, provides energy, and tastes great! I can tell you it exists and it is amazing! I would love to send you testimonials and provide you with more information. Contact me at if you are interested! I love your website and your recipes, thank you so much for sharing.

  • chelsea

    Hi Amy,
    I am thinking of cutting out coffee as well because of the caffine, but I really like the taste of coffee! Is decaf coffee just as bad for you?
    Thanks :)

    • egr5610

      Decaf coffee is made by taking the caffeine out of the coffee beans with TOLUENE…Not a great idea. Decaf coffee made by the Swiss or water method is just that… coffee beans whose caffeine has been removed by water processing. Much better :)

      However, there is still some caffeine left in decaf coffee.

  • Judy

    Very interesting. I am not a coffee drinker, but years ago my mother-in-law lived with us for a few months and she drank coffee morning, noon and night, and in-between. She carried her mug of coffee all over the house, dripping as she went. She couldn’t understand why she was so anxious all the time and couldn’t sleep at night. Sometime later she switched to decaf and I think she only drinks one or two cups a day now.

    I have heard of a hot drink called ‘Choffey’, which is roasted cocoa beans brewed in a French Press. It is said to provide natural energy and nutrients without the unpleasant effects of caffeinated coffee.

    I used to enjoy Postum, but I understand it is no longer made. Too bad, it was nutritious and delicious.

  • Julie Mainquist Rozzo

    Amy, I am doing research on coffee and it’s effects…negative and positive. I think it does all depend on ones own body make up. Coffee is an addiction for me and for most people. I love my coffee…I grew up in Seattle… can I ever quit drinking coffee? well it is quite simple….it just does not work for my body anymore. I read what you had to say about it’s effects on you and I have to agree, the effects are the same for me as well. I quit for 45 days and started drinking it again..more out of habit than anything….I am in the midst of doing research and quitting again…this time for myself….my body and my well being. What are your thoughts on the detox teas out there?

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