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Sugar Cookie Protein Shake

Sometimes all you want is a sweet snack that provides wonderful balanced energy. There is nothing better than a simple smoothie.

I usually do chocolate flavored or fruit flavored smoothies but today I just wanted something that tasted like a sugar cookie.

So, here it is!

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This recipe is vegan, gluten free, has healthy fats, is high in protein and is a wonderful mid-day snack.



Sugar Cookie Protein Shake

Prep time: 5 Minutes
Yield: 1 Serving


  • 1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
  • 1/2 Tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1 Tbsp Coconut Oil
  • Dash of Salt
  • 1 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1 Tbsp Almond Flour
  • 2 Packets Stevia


  1. Blend all ingredients until smooth.
  2. Serve and enjoy!

DAMY Members – This is a great meal two or four.


Amy Layne is the Co-Owner of DAMY Health Online and Coach Specializing in Holistic Nutrition, Fitness, Self-Love, Goal Realization, Inspiration and Living Your Best Life. She is the creator of the world famous DAMY Method and Bikini Body Programs. To see Amy’s Before and After Photos and DAMY Member Success Stories Click Here. For Amy’s complete story go

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  • Angela

    Pretty tasty! My coconut oil didn’t blend in very well, it ended up floating on the top of the blended drink. Maybe it needed more blending? Or was it supposed to be melted? At any rate, it’s a yummy smoothie!

    • Angela

      I just made this again and used almond butter instead of the ground almonds and the coconut oil blended right in. I also added 1 tbsp of ground flax which may have also helped the consistency and blending.

  • Julie

    I had the same issue with the coconut oil. The smoothie is delicious, bu wondering if you have any tips on making it smooth and uniform?

  • Suja

    Fantastic! I normally hate the taste of protein powder (even the vanilla flavored!) and this tastes just like a blended sugar cookie. Thank you!

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