Let’s be serious here…TV these days is incredible. I won’t lie and say I don’t have “my shows” but I try not to let that stop me from being active or being balanced. I know most of you know this already as I’m sure your parents told you many times “why don’t you go outside and play…” This is just a reminder. As adults this still applies. Television leads to inactivity and over snacking. It also feels like a downer for the body. I’m never watching TV and then get a sudden urge to go out and be active. I only feel like watching more TV…and more…and more. Let’s stop this cycle!

A good way to balance your TV addiction with a healthy lifestyle is to have a limit of shows you call “your shows.” I like to set it at 3-5 shows per week. This way if there is one night where you enjoy all the shows on TV you can sit down and make a night of it and not miss that extra show here and there earlier in the week. When it’s not time for “your shows” get outside! Go for a walk/hike. Go to the gym (sometimes you can catch some entertainment on the gym TV’s too…but that seems like cheating). Just get off your butt! That’s all there is to it. A healthy, balanced lifestyle does take some discipline but it is GOOD discipline…it makes you healthier and live longer. Don’t be scared of discipline…plan “your shows!”

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