The Ultimate Boob, Booty & Bump Butter

The Ultimate Boob, Booty & Bump Butter

My Ultimate Boob, Booty & Bump Butter recipe is an all natural, super hydrating, healing and protective recipe that has amazing benefits. It helps to heal your skin, prevents and fades stretch marks and makes your skin luminous, soft and smooth. This is my ultimate body butter recipe but if you are looking for a less expensive, easier to make recipe with just a couple of ingredients you can...
Healthy Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars

Healthy Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars

The weather this week has been dark and drizzly here in Vancouver so I took full advantage and started with creating some Fall recipes. First up – my Healthy Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars. I’m really sad to see Summer go this year but at the same time Fall always brings a refreshed and exciting energy. You can expect to see lots of baking, root vegetables, pumpkin, caramel, apples and...

Push-Up Challenge!

In main stream exercise programs today we are so focused on cardio, cardio, cardio. To have a slim, strong, manageable physique it is essential to have muscle strength. A great way to build muscle is using your own body. This month, we want you to try to do 1 push-up (knee’s bent or regular). For most of you this will be very challenging (we don’t expect you to be superman right from...

Ripped Lower Body Circuit

Warm-Up – 5 Min Incline Treadmill Circuit 1 (2x) Squat 10x Reverse Lunge 10x Plie Squat 10x Forward Lunge 10x Calf Raise 20x Circuit 2 (2x) Squat 20x Plie Squat 20x Squat Hold 20sec Rest 1 Min Cool Down – 5 Min Incline Treadmill

Ripped Upper Body Circuit

Warm-Up – 5 Min Incline Treadmill Circuit 1 (3x) Push – Ups 10x Shoulder Press on Ball 10x Tricep Dips 10x Chest Press on Ball 10x Front/Side Shoulder Raise 10x each way Tricep Kickbacks 10x Circuit 2 (3x) Bicep Curl 10x Bent Over Row 10x Hammer Curl 10x 1Arm Row 10x Cool Down – 5 Min Incline...

Lower Body Home 2

Warm-up: 5 Minutes Cardio – If you have bands or weights feel free to add them to these exercises. Set 1–3x Squat with alternating toe touch 3×10 each side Push Ups 10x Set 2–3x Stationary Lunges 20x each side Calf Raises 20x Set 3–3x Step Ups (use a coffee table, chair, or stairs) 15x each side Speed Skaters 10x each side Set 4 – 3x Squats 20x Alternating forward lunges 20x Alternating...

Home Upper Body 2

Warm-up: 5 Minutes Cardio Core 3x Exercise Ball Crunches 10x Plank 20 sec Push-ups 8x Reverse Curl Toe Touch 20x Bicycle 20x V-Ups 10x Upper Body 3x – using bands if necessary. 2 Way Shoulder 15x each (raise to front and side) 1A Row 15x 21 Bicep Curls Bench Dips 20x (use a chair or coffee table that won’t tip) Upright row 15x Wide Pushups 10x Cardio Crank! If you don’t have cardio equipment do...

Lean Lady

5 Minute Warm Up: Treadmill Cardio Set: 2 Minutes on Incline 2 Minutes Flat Repeat for 30-40 minutes Functional Set: Squats x10 Bicycle x10 Plie Squats x10 Leg Raises x10 Lunges x10 V-Through x 10 Cool Down: 5 Minutes Treadmill

Tank Top Ready

Warm Up: Treadmill Walking 5 Minutes Interval: 5 Min Incline Walk SB DB Bench Press x 15 SB DB Shoulder Press x 15 Bicep Curls x 15 Bent-Over Rows x 15 Over Head Tricep Press x 15 Alt Shoulder Raises x 15 Repeat entire interval (including walk) until 45 minutes is up! Cool Down: Treadmill Walking 2...

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