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160: All natural postpartum must-haves

160: All natural postpartum must-haves

In today's episode we cover vegan pregnancy, natural birth prep, supplementation, lab testing, mindset advice and everything else Amy used to prepare for success for her two previous pregnancies.  Hear about setting expectations, who you need in your life at this time...

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159: How to heal your metabolism once and for all

159: How to heal your metabolism once and for all

In today's episode we talk all things metabolism and metabolic rate. Dr. Duizer does resting metabolic rate and active metabolism tests in his clinic. His experience in completing these tests has enabled him to help solve some of the most difficult weight-loss cases...

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“I kept seeing results even without working out! Amy has been the most supportive, kind, caring and compassionate cheerleader to me even just through emails. I feel like she has a personal investment in me and she really does care. I know it is her job to care, but she does it with passion and conviction which cannot be forced.”

Sarah's Bikini Body Program Success Story

“The thing I love most about DAMY is that you don’t have to count calories! Amy is very motivational. I wanted to try her program after reading her own success story. You can see from her testimonial that she has walked in the shoes of women like myself. She knows how much hard work and dedication it takes to transform your lifestyle. Amy was always supportive and non-judgmental, even when I had an extra treat….or two.”

Emily's Bikini Body Program Success Story

“Now I’m a Perfect Size 6!!! Amy has changed my life from good to AMAZING! She provides such motivation and inspiration! She believes in each and every one of us and knows that we have the inner courage, strength and will to succeed!”

Kimi's Bikini Body Program Success Story

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Why do the 21 Day Vegan Cleanse?
There are many different reasons to do a cleanse. Some can be:

  • For clearer skin
  • Better digestion
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduced sugar cravings
  • Feeling lighter and tighter
  • Re-setting or gaining control of eating habits
  • Brighter eyes
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Mental clarity

Who is the 21 Day Vegan Cleanse for?

  • For everyone!
  • If you are looking to try a vegan based diet
  • If you are looking to do a gentle cleanse
  • If you are looking to try a cruelty free way of eating
  • If you are looking to sooth your digestive tract or clear your skin
  • If you are looking to reduce sugar cravings or control your appetite
  • If you are looking for something just new and fresh to shake up your healthy lifestyle
  • If you are wondering what it feels like to include more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet

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What should I expect from the 21 Day Vegan Cleanse?

Expect to feel awesome mentally and physically. Not only are you doing something that makes your body feel great you’re also participating in a kind and gentle way of eating. This brings not only a physical benefit but it also brings a mental benefit knowing you are living in tune with your beliefs and the world.

We have seen some amazing results from our community doing the 21 Day Vegan Cleanse including members shedding 10 lbs easily, improved digestion, clearer skin, better sleeps and increased energy levels. Now you can create these results for yourself.