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Amy Layne & Dr. David Duizer ND

Amy Layne and Dr. David Duizer ND are Co-Founders of DAMYHealth.com and The Healthy Rebel App. Each bring a unique expertise in the health and wellness field to the DAMY Health Online Community.

DAMY Health specializes in everything health and wellness related. They are experts in Holistic Nutrition, a mind-body-soul approach to healthy eating, natural health/healing and goal-realization.

Their weight loss programs are designed to not only enhance physical health but also promote optimal living, freedom from dis-ease and mental, physical and spiritual alignment.

They believe in helping individuals discover their greatest yet-to-be inside and out! Their philosophy is that a happy, healthy life is the only way to live and that everyone can start from where they are, peel back the layers and make their dreams reality.

Amy and David are passionate about being guides on your journey to radiant health. Join the DAMY Movement!


Amy Layne – Holistic Nutritionist & Transformation Coach

My name is Amy Layne and I live in Vancouver, BC. I am a Holistic Nutritionist, Lifestyle Expert, Certified Personal Trainer, author and original whole-food recipe creator focused on bringing real food, holistic living and vibrant health to the world. Above all I am a guide to all looking to build self-love, transform their body/health, reach their highest goals and live their absolute best life.

I first transformed my own health, life and body before going on to educate myself in all areas of natural wellbeing. From nutrition to optimal health followed by spirituality and healing practices I have devoted my life to learning and teaching this empowered way of living to others.

I truly believe that we are not our current negative circumstances or past experiences. I know each of us has unlocked potential waiting to be unveiled. The methods I learned, created and used to transform my own life are something I want to share with anyone looking for guidance. From weight loss to healing emotional traumas, breaking behavioral patterns, achieving career success, learning to love ourselves and allowing others to love us the possibilities for healing are infinite.

The greatest teachers are those who do so from experience. You can feel when someone is speaking from a place of experience. They can speak on another level. There is an inner knowing when communicating with someone who has “been there.” My passion burns from my success in transforming my own life. My health, relationships, business success, personal accomplishments and capacity for joy, peace, love were realized by radical self-transformation.

In 2009 my partner David and I founded DAMYHealth.com, our Online Natural Health Center. Our programs have reached thousands of women globally teaching self-love, natural wellness and nutritional health. Most of our program members have found us through a desire to lose weight naturally and through living our method have realized that weight loss is just one amazing benefit of a healthy life.

As a whole-food recipe creator I have been featured in publications internationally. My all natural, whole food recipe app – The Healthy Rebel – 300+ Secretly Healthy Recipes has reached #1 on the iTunes and Android app stores in countries all over the world. With over 15 million views my blog has become a hub for amazing health and wellness articles and all the best naturally healthy recipes.

My goal is to reach everyone and anyone who feels my message speaks to them.

– Amy Layne

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