Metabolism Healing 101 – 6 Part Zoom Course


Join Dr. David Duizer ND for his 6 part series focused on healing metabolism for good. Learn how to apply a scientific approach to your personal weight loss journey. Designed for those who have had difficulty losing and sustaining weight loss. Learn how to boost your metabolism, heal your system and find a balanced program that enables you to achieve your goal weight.

See below for course details and the full lesson plan.

When does the Metabolism Healing 101 Course start?
→ Tuesday May 11th, 2021 at 2:00pm
→ Program will be weekly for 6 weeks at 1:00pm PST.

Course will be live on Zoom weekly x 6 weeks as well as recorded for those who cannot attend the live session.


Course Details:

Join Dr. David Duizer ND for his 6 Part Series – Metabolism Healing 101. Learn how to apply a scientific approach to your personal weight loss journey. In this course Dr. Duizer reviews his experience with supporting those who have difficulty losing weight naturally.

This course will cover the following important topics:

Understanding the metabolic approach to weight loss
→ An approach that aims to make your metabolism faster, so you burn fat instead of storing it.
→ Focuses on optimizing the way your body metabolizes its food.
→ Learn how to boost your metabolism so weight loss isn’t so difficult.

Understanding the holistic approach to weight loss
→ Taking the whole person into account – mind, body, physical needs, different organ systems, emotional state, mental strains and spiritual needs.
→ Connecting how imbalances including estrogen, testosterone, insulin and thyroid hormone impact metabolism and boost or slow weight loss.
→ Learn how to bring your body into balance so that your weight loss efforts actually work.

Review the key weight loss myths and understand why and how we can overcome broken metabolic rates
→ For many people weight loss is not all about calories in versus calories out – a metabolic boost is required.
→ Not all exercise helps with weight loss – Especially if it leads to overeating, causes insomnia or leads to burnout.
→ Not everyone benefits from fasting, intermittent fasting, keto or time restricted feeding – For some this damages metabolism.
→ Learn how we are not all the same and there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to weight loss (but it doesn’t have to be difficult either).

Build a program suitable to your personal metabolism
→ Learn how to assess metabolic rate and how to determine what types of exercise works for you.
→ Taking a scientific approach to your weight loss journey – review metabolism assessments, hormone assessments and other laboratory assessments helpful and understanding your ability to lose weight

In this course we will build on one key statement – If you burn calories efficiently both at rest and during exercise your body will mobilize fat for fuel and you will become leaner even with a slight calorie restriction.

Program Cost:
→ $97 for this six week program. It is free for DAMY Lean members.
Receive Zoom details immediately.

What to expect?
→ Immediately upon purchase you will receive an email with your Zoom link details. Dr. Duizer will be available for technical support leading up to Session 1 to make sure everyone is registered and ready to go
→ Tune in to the one hour live session on Tuesdays at 1:00pm PST. (If you can’t catch it live it will be recorded and you can watch it later)
→ There will be slideshows for each episode available for download
→ Together with Dr. Duizer you will build a detailed personal plan to support optimal weight loss long-term
→ Live Q&A with Dr. Duizer during presentations/sessions.
→ TIme for individual education and advice.

When does the program start?
→ Tuesday May 11th, 2021 at 2:00pm
→ Program will be weekly for 6 weeks at 2:00pm PST.

Course Lession Plan – Metabolism Healing 101
Session 1 → learn how to assess your metabolic rate, your ability to burn calories. Determine why you haven’t been able to successfully lose weight and keep it off using a holistic approach to metabolism assessment.

Session 2 → learn how to scientifically exercise for efficient and lasting weight loss. Use fat max continuous medium intensity training for fat loss, high intensity interval training for VO2Max improvements and progressive overload strength training for metabolic boosting. Do this without getting too sore and too tired.

Session 3 → learn how to eat normally in a small deficit to lose weight over time in a healthy way that is sustainable and efficient. Without counting calories or macronutrients participate in a slight deficit that allows weight loss every week.

Session 4 → Understand the holistic approach to weight loss in the influence of hormones such as insulin, thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Develop a personal plan for balancing each of these hormones and assessing as needed.

Session 5 → learn how to manage hunger, over eating, stress eating through the basic principles of appetite signaling. Hack this signal to control consumption and experience healthy weight loss for good. Keep your metabolism elevated and consumption in a slight deficit even during stressful times.

Session 6 → Build a long-term exercise, nutrition and supplementation routine that is not only reasonable but also health promoting in other ways separate from weight loss. Participate in overall optimal wellness for life through achieving a lean body and healthy healthy metabolism. Build a routine suitable to your life and current health status and weight.