Custom Meal Planning by Dr. David Duizer ND


Are you looking to achieve healthy, sustained weight loss? Tap in to Dr. David Duizer’s expertise in metabolic efficiency, metabolism enhancement and body composition change to achieve your weight loss goals in a balanced, evidence-based manner.

Dr. Duizer’s individualized holistic weight loss meal plans are tailored to your current lifestyle, eating patterns and weight loss goals. Each plan includes a consultation with Dr. Duizer and 30 days of email support to ensure success.

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Dr. David Duizer ND is an expert in metabolism and holistic weight loss. In his private practice he has supported hundreds of individuals to achieve their weight loss goals. Work with him today!


1) After sign up you will receive an email questionnaire to then return to DAMY.
2) Dr. Duizer will schedule a 30 minute consultation via Zoom of phone to review your program.
3) Communicate with Dr. Duizer via email for 30 days to ensure success.


Custom nutrition programming with Dr. David Duizer ND is goal-oriented. Together you and Dr. Duizer will build a nutrition plan that supports metabolism, overall wellness and healthy weight loss. During this process he will take into consideration your current lifestyle, eating patterns and food preferences.

Why choose custom meal programming?

This program can be helpful for those who haven’t had success with their weight loss goals on their own. Working with Dr. Duizer as your coach gives you a team member with experience and a passion for optimal wellness. His process is focused on enhancing metabolism through smart macronutrient programming and calorie deficits.

Custom meal programming means you do not have to count calories or macros. The work is done for you. With Dr. Duizer’s plans you can be sure healthy foods are chosen that support physical and mental health. They take into account food allergies and sensitivities as well as preference.

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