Fat Blaster Program Now FREE with all other DAMY Programs

I created the 3-Week Fat Blaster Program for a few reasons:

Shed Stubborn Fat

Detox My Body

Cleanse My System

Break Through a Weight Loss Pleateau

To Recharge My Body

Break Sugar Addictions

To Reset My Healthy Eating Habits

To Help With Digestion


What’s Included in the Fat Blaster Program?

• DAMY Detox Meal Plan– The perfect food choices and combinations to rebuild and repair your body!

• DAMY Health Grocery List– I find the first step to success is knowing what to bring into your home!

• Amy Layne’s Weight Loss Quick Tips– Inside info to help you feel your best!

Bonus Material:

• DAMY Dailies– Everything from recipes to motivation to hot new workouts!

• DAMY Health Progress Chart – The perfect tool to track your progress

• DAMY Health Journal – Easily track your workouts, meals, and how you are feeling

• Members-Only Website Access – Containing 100s of Recipes, Workouts, and Healthy Lifestyle Articles

• Unlimited Email Access to Amy Herself 24/7!!! – Like no other program out there you have your own personal coach! Ask any questions or just have someone to chat with. Amy is there for you every step of the way!

*Exclusive DAMY Member Resource: For a limited time The 3 Week Fat Blaster is now exclusively available to DAMY Bikini Body Program and DAMY Method Program Members. To join a DAMY Program see instructions below.

Trisha – Fat Blaster Success Story
“Hi Amy,

Just finished the 3-Week Fat Blaster (LOVED IT!!)….12 pounds gone!    Whooo Hooo I’m going to get the 12-Week Bikini Body eBook today.


– Trisha

A Message from Coach Amy Layne…

Amy Layne (Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Expert)

“What and how you eat is 80% – 90% of how your body looks and feels. It is extremely important to understand and get your eating habits in a healthy place before you begin an exercise program. This program focuses on just that. I have chosen the best foods to fuel and heal your body. When staying within the recommended portion sizes and food choices your body has the ability to cleanse and rebuild. I teach you when to eat and what choices to make. This program is your perfect jumpstart to weight loss freedom!

This is the perfect place to start for anyone looking to change their life and their body! I used this program at the beginning of my journey and often refer back to it when I need to refresh or reset. I have also used this program before photo shoots and after an indulgent vacation! It works like a charm!”

– Amy Layne CPT, CHN, Lifestyle Expert


Sabrina – Fat Blaster and DAMY Method Success Story
How were your results?
I lost about 4-5lbs which was helpful because I had been on a plateau for about 5 months. My clothes were fitting loser and I felt lighter, energetic and leaner. I could finally fit just right into the size 5 jeans I had.

How long did it take you to get in the shape you did?
Prior to DAMY Health I was beginning a “toning” journey after a weight loss journey where I lost 95lbs in a year and a half. The Fat-Blaster helped to continue and BETTER my toning journey. I am currently continuing getting into better shape by finishing up the DAMY Method program.

Did you experience any other benefits to your DAMY Program?
Like I said before. My clothes were fitting much better and I felt lighter. I felt more energetic and leaner.

Would you recommend our programs to others?
I would really recommend DAMY Health and I have even mentioned it on my YouTube Channel!

How did you find DAMY Support?
DAMY support is amazing I always feel motivated to do better each week because I want to see the feedback on how well I’ve done and what I can further do to improve my diet, workouts and overall health.

What sets DAMY apart from other weight loss programs?
DAMY is different because it’s not about counting calories, measuring, or some complicated system. It’s simple real food with smart eating and right portions in mind. DAMY teaches you how to balance healthy eating and exercise during everyday life activities. It’s genuine one on one support that caters to your specific needs 🙂

– Sabrina

Why Choose the Fat Blaster Program?

  1. Amy Layne, Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist, and Lifestyle Expert has created this meal plan for you! It will teach you how to eat clean, balanced meals that promote weight loss. this is not another fad diet. This is a lifestyle!

  3. Are you confused at the grocery store? The All Inclusive Grocery List will make your shopping experience easy. Print your grocery list and take it with you to the store!

  5. Do you need a lifestyle change? Amy shares her secrets in her Tips, Tricks, and Lifestyle Advice section. This advice ranges from motivation to insider weight loss tips. Begin your new healthy lifestyle today!


Fat Blaster Success Story
“Good Morning Amy.

Well, week one is done…. 8 pounds GONE!!! This is a GREAT program!!! I’ve been on other programs and have not seen results so fast…and the food is good!

Cheers! To You and Your Program!”

– T

It’s this simple…make the decision, commit to yourself and the program, have a positive attitude, and you WILL succeed!!!

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Fat Blaster Program Now FREE with all other DAMY Programs

Fat Blaster eBook Plus Bikini Body Program
Fat Blaster eBook plus DAMY Method Program
*Exclusive DAMY Member Content: This wonderful ebook is now exclusively available to DAMY Health Program Members.

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