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If you are ready to improve your health through weight loss, clean eating and by making healthy lifestyle changes now is your time!

31 Tips to a Healthier You is a Free 31 Lesson E-Course designed to help you jump-start your weight loss and increase your energy by giving you 31 tasks that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle and change the way you look at health and wellness. It is an amazing tool on its own or as an addition to any of the DAMY Programs including the Bikini Body Program.


How to be Healthy: Each Tip Includes:


  1. Your Daily Tip – make a change each day
  2. How to add your daily tip to your lifestyle
  3. Why you should add your daily tip

We have set the program up this way so that after the challenge is over you have the knowledge and motivation to maintain each of the tips we provide. We believe that when you know why you are doing something for your health it is much more motivating to keep it up.

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How to Use this E-Course

Each lesson will be emailed to the email account you sign-up with. You will receive a total of two lessons per week to incorporate into your lifestyle. These tips will change the way you go about your day and provide you with easy-to-use tasks to improve your lifestyle and learn how to be healthy everyday. Many members print off their daily tip and create a binder to refer back to often so that they can make sure they don’t miss any of them.

Here are your steps to weight loss success with this program:

  • Check your email every 3 days – make sure you don’t miss an email!
  • Study your task of the day – think about how you can incorporate it into your life.
  • Add the task to your routine – add each task to your routine as you learn about it. Over time you will be accumulating amazing lifestyle changes.
  • As you receive a new task make sure to review the previous one – don’t forget about the lasting changes you’ve made. Always go back and refresh.
  • Let us know how you are doing – email us and let DAMY know how the tasks are working for you and how the program has helped you make lifestyle changes.
  • No longer struggle with the question – How to be Healthy

This program will help you make lasting lifestyle changes that you can be proud of.

Who is this Free E-Course for?

31 Tips to a Healthier You is for anyone and everyone looking to make simple changes to improve their health including:

  • those who are looking to lose weight in a natural, healthy manner.
  • those who would like to learn about the important components of a healthy lifestyle.
  • anyone who is looking to change their lifestyle (either dramatically or subtly) to improve their overall health.

This workbook is NOT designed for anyone not willing to learn the simple steps required to live a healthy lifestyle or not looking to learn now tips teaching them how to be healthy. If you are not interested in losing weight, increasing your energy, improving your skin, or sleeping better this program is not for you.

By the end of the 31 Tips you will have learned (tip of the iceberg!):

  • the importance of water and how to stay hydrated
  • how to fuel yourself for the day including great breakfast recipes
  • when and how much to eat
  • what foods to stay away from
  • how amazing stevia is and how to use it
  • my favourite skin products, where to buy them and what is so great about them
  • how to stay focused when transforming your life
  • how to enjoy a treat on a healthy lifestyle journey!
  • basically – all the components essential to understanding how to be healthy

All in all the daily tasks are 31 steps to transform your health!

If you’re not satisfied with the 31 Tips to a Healthier You you have the option of unsubscribing at any bottom of each email. We hate spam as much as anyone. We will never sell, share or distribute your email address. You will never receive any emails from anyone except DAMY Health.


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About the Author/Coach

Amy Layne is a Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Expert at DAMY Health. She is the creator of the popular DAMY Method Program and world famous Bikini Body Program. To see Amy’s Before and After Photos and DAMY Member Success Stories Click Here.  

Connect with Amy on Twitter @damyhealth and on Facebook.


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