Four months ago DAMY Launched its first ever Best Body Ever Challenge! Participants chose their own goals, submitted before photos and followed either the DAMY Method, Bikini Body Program or DAMY Lifestyle Program.

The winners were chosen based on meeting their goal, participation in the Challenge, participating in weekly check-ins, encouraging other members, and transforming not only on the outside but on the inside as well. All the women that participated in the first BBEC knocked it out of the park! Choosing the winners was extremely difficult!!!

In the end the winners couldn’t be any more deserving of their prize. These ladies made stunning physical transformations, gained self-confidence and life-long tools to maintain and improve their physiques and healthy lifestyles.

Ladies, I’m sooo proud of you and so grateful I was here to experience this journey with each of you. Being able to award you with your prizes gives me joy that I can never explain to you. Thank each of you for being you and being an important part of the DAMY Health Team! Lets continue setting goals and take 2012 to a whole other level!

For all you beautiful ladies who participated in the BBEC – congratulations and amazing job! You are all winners (I know that sounds really cheesy but it’s true!). I can’t wait to be in a position to give each of you a prize! This year will mark a fresh challenge and who knows… this may be your year! Keep on shooting for the stars!

Below are our three Best Body Ever Challenge Winners! This is just a snippet and a sneak peak at their transformations. Full features on each of the girls will be posted in the next couple weeks! Please stay tuned – their journeys are so inspiring and motivating!!!

Best Body Ever Challenge Winners

3rd Place Best Body Ever Challenge – Nikki

THANK YOU!! I couldn’t be happier with my results from the BBEC. I have truly transformed my attitude and my body in a way that I never thought possible. I woke up today absolutely PSYCHED to wear the dress I bought for New Years Eve and not nervous to stand in front of the camera in a bikini!! The smile I woke up with and the confidence I felt all day is something that I’ve never felt before. I have never been so excited to get dressed up and show off the body I work hard at obtaining. I have completely transformed my mind and body over the last 3 months! I couldn’t have done it without DAMY and especially without the support and motivation from Amy. DAMY is an amazing program that actually works, and I plan to recommend it to all of my friends and family for those who are looking to have a healthier lifestyle and transform their body and their attitude on life!! Thank you DAMY!!!!

– Nikki

Nikki Before and After Bikini Body Program 2

2nd Place Best Body Ever Challenge – Kristen

I have gained so many benefits from this program, number one – the weight loss, and body transformation. Number two – the desire and motivation to workout everyday and to always be challenging myself and setting new goals. Number three – the mental change around eating and the foods I eat and why I eat them (no more emotional eating). Number four – the attitude I now have and self-confidence in my body, I’m no longer ashamed for my husband to see my body. Number five – the energy and excitement I have for life now!

Coach Amy Layne is an amazing person, she responds individually to each of our weekly check-ins and is always so eager and enthusiastic and genuinely cares for each of our goals and achievements. She is soooo dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals and is willing to put a lot of her time in to us. Her passion for health is contagious, I honestly feel like so many of my own personal attitude changes around eating, fitness, healthy lifestyle, etc are directly because of Amy’s passion and attitude. She is amazing! Thank You Amy!

PS: about my pictures, the before pics were actually taken about 6 weeks into the program, because I had been too ashamed and embarrassed with my body to take a picture when I first started. Totally wish I had of tho!

– Kristen

Kristen Before and After Bikini Body Program 3

Kristen Before and After Bikini Body Program 2

1st Place Best Body Ever Challenge – Steph

Physically, I went down three sizes and the area where I’m seeing the most change is my stomach (but the area where everyone else is noticing is my legs – I used to have big legs, now they look leaner and more muscular). I lost a total of 7 pounds, which is amazing considering I’d plateaued at 133 for a couple months and for the life of me I couldn’t break through it. I’ve also had a lot more energy. I used to crash every day in the afternoon, and I was always tired. I couldn’t seem to sleep enough. Now I’m energetic all day. I’m also finding I’m able to concentrate a lot easier and I’m getting a lot more done at work. And the self-confidence, as I’ve described above, has literally been life changing. Having a good outlook on life can be a very powerful thing. To sum it up, I’m happier, leaner, more outgoing, confident, and I’ve thrown out the sweat pants I used to wear every day (even to work!).

– Steph

Steph Before and After Bikini Body Program 3

Steph Before and After Bikini Body Program 2

Steph Before and After Bikini Body Program 1

Amy Layne – An Update on Me

It’s been a while since I told you about my current physique goals so I wanted to share! Last year I focused on adding muscle!

The first picture was taken before I initially created the 12 Week Bikini Body Program. The second picture was after I completed the Bikini Body Program, and the third picture is showing my progress in gaining muscle using the DAMY Health Lifestyle Program this last few months.

I have kept off my 30 lb initial weight loss for the last 2.5 years and have been steadily working on gaining muscle completely using DAMY Lifestyle Workouts and the Bikini Body Program Nutrition Plan. Just a side note – I also do not consume any meat. You can gain muscle and be a Vegetarian (our programs are open to traditional diet, vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free – all eating lifestyles). I personally do not recommend or push a vegetarian diet on anyone. I truly believe that it is a personal choice and that you have to eat what is right for your body.

Stay tuned for some upcoming photos shoots and more progress pictures in the next coming months.

Amy Layne Weight Loss Before and After Jan 15 2012

Amy Layne is a Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Expert at DAMY Health. She is the creator of the popular DAMY Method Program and world famous Bikini Body Program. To see Amy’s Before and After Photos and DAMY Member Success Stories Click Here.

Connect with Amy on Twitter @damyhealth and on Facebook.