Today I am so thrilled to share with you Crystal’s Success Story. Crystal is one of the many women who embodies what DAMY is and why I continue to spread the DAMY Message.

Crystal transformed her body from the inside out. She learned to love and embrace herself, to treat herself with kindness, love, compassion and created a whole, healthy lifestyle around feeling good.

Crystal also worked her butt off. I mean she looks so incredibly fit, beautiful and healthy. The combination of the workouts, healthy eating and unveiling of her true self is the secret to her success. Crystal used the Bikini Body Program exactly how it is supposed to be used. She used the lifestyle, workouts, eating plan, coaching and self-love tools to their full potential.

Crystal – You are the embodiment of why I love what I do. Thank you for using my tools the way they were supposed to be used and for being a shining example of what is possible. You look beautiful, radiant and healthy. The most exciting of this for me is knowing your results are here to stay and you will only create more goals to meet.

I am so excited for what you decide to do next during the DAMY Lifestyle Membership and I will be right there along side with you.

Crystal’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“By the end of the 12 weeks I lost a total of 38.6 pounds!”
Crystals Bikini Body Weight Loss
What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?

By the end of the 12 weeks I lost a total of 38.6 pounds. I lost 5.5″ from my bust, 6″ from my waist, and 5.25″ from my hips for a total of 16.75″ lost. As of this point I don’t even have to unbutton or unzip my pants to get them off…I guess I need to go shopping!

Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

DAMY has helped me in so many ways! I actually look at myself in the mirror now and know how much I can accomplish and how far I have come. I am okay now with looking at myself and seeing myself as “beautiful.” That wasn’t something easily done before for me. I enjoy waking up at 5 AM to go to the gym, it is really something I look forward to! My husband has even commented on the confidence in which I carry myself with now! I can’t imagine moving forward without carrying what I have picked up through DAMY everyday!

What do you love about DAMY?

I love everything I have been blessed by through DAMY! The extensive support from Amy, the workouts, the food, the fact that I have a choice! DAMY has helped me to be on focus and more organized than ever before! I have developed the habit of prepping my meals every night so they are ready for the next day, as opposed to the past when all I may have had was a cup of coffee for breakfast and then dinner. I also LOVE the recipes! I have to admit, I’m very quite possibly addicted to the Vegan Brownie Batter Smoothie…and I’m not even a vegan! It is AMAZING! I also crave the protein pancakes and have begun making them for my hubby each morning! In fact, I love DAMY so much I’m continuing on with the Lifestyle Program. How could I NOT want to live, eat, workout this way? It’s finally the TRUE lifestyle change I had been yearning for.

Amy Layne, I must say, is an angel walking among us! I honestly wish I could just give her a hug and tell her face-to-face, “Thank you!” Thank you for what you do, who you are, what you have created! I would recommend DAMY to anyone, any day, any time, without hesitation or reservation! Thank you for letting your light shine, for spreading that light to others, and for helping us “fight the good fight.” I don’t know if Amy or DAMY could understand their impact, or how far reaching it is, but you all are amazing! Amy, David…thank you.

– Crystal (Bikini Body Program Member)
Crystals Bikini Body Weight Loss Success Side
Crystals Bikini Body Success Back


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