Marketing Resources: Welcome DAMY Ambassadors!

PAYOUT PERCENTAGE: DAMY Affiliate Marketers: We offer 40% commission on all ebook sales (Bikini Body Program, DAMY Method Program and 21 Day Vegan) and 15% commission on all coaching program sales (DAMY Transform and DAMY Revolution).

PAYMENT METHOD: PayPal – The safest, easiest way to get paid! We deposit your earnings into your account every two weeks (after crossing the threshold of $100).

HOW IT WORKS: Once you are registered as an Ambassador, you can use any link you generate or marketing tool we provide you in your affiliate area to promote any of our programs. The link is tracked automatically for up to 30 days. You can promote the link via email, blog, website, facebook, twitter, business card, etc… Once the link is clicked or typed into a browser, the tracking is automatically done by DAMY Health and you get paid!

To get specific highly converting program links and ads login to the Ambassador Login below and select which link you’d like to promote.

Simply place one of our ads on your website, blog, or facebook page and make money for each sale you make! If you have any questions on how to increase your revenue don’t hesitate to contact us at ambassadors (at)

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You may use any of the provided marketing materials to promote DAMY Health Programs. For more affiliate tools email us at ambassadors (at) Let us know your ideas and we will do our best to create them!

AMBASSADOR POLICY: Located below. Please review periodically.



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Bikini Body Program

Bikini Body Program

Bikini Body Program


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Bikini Body Program

Bikini Body Program

Bikini Body Program


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DAMY Method

DAMY Method


DAMY Ambassador Policy

*You must not be associated with or promoting any other weight loss or healthy lifestyle programs.

*You must not give details of programs excluding the promotional materials provided.

*When using social media (personal or otherwise) you must do so in a positive, healthy manner.

*You must actively promote DAMY Health Programs. All coaching will be done by Amy Layne.

*All questions concerning details of programs or coaching must be forwarded to Amy Layne.

*Your only association with DAMY Health is as an Ambassador.

*You may us the title DAMY Ambassador and provided banners/ads.

*You may not represent DAMY Health is any public forum.

*All inquiries about DAMY programs, DAMY Health, weight loss, or health and fitness must be directed to Amy at

*If you have any questions relating to this policy or the DAMY Ambassador Program please contact us at

Amy Layne
ambassadors (at)