It’s an amazing feeling when you have the realization that past dreams or hopes didn’t come true for you because you were dreaming too small. There was something, bigger, better, brighter out there with your name on it.

As I look over the last few years thinking about times I cried and had such great pain over not achieving what I wanted…I can now smile and know “Silly girl… you were dreaming too small.”

Today let go of your dreams a bit. Set them out there with a “this or better” attitude. See what life has in mind for you 🙂

You have no idea how awesome things can really be!!! XOXOXOX


Run your own race…Eyes in your own lane



Join me in taking a leap of faith today 🙂




Oh, I love this 🙂 Your start doesn’t have to be perfect…just start.





I am getting the feeling that 2013 is just going to be this kind of year 🙂



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