Ok, so the girls want to go shopping this weekend. FUN. BUT you are on a new diet and workout plan..DUN, dun , daaaaaa. It’s ok! You can do this! We just have to change some old thought patterns. Until these changes are second nature I have some great weekend away tips here for you! I don’t know when FUN and FAT got confused and mixed together but I’m here to help change that mindset.

* Call the hotel and ask that there be a fridge in your room. Most hotels do not mind this at all. It is there when you get there. Perfect!

* plan to pack the snacks! Think about bringing a small cooler for the road. I have mine with me all the time! It works great. Here is a check list of snacks:

* Natural Almonds
* yogurt
* apples
* grapes
* hummus
* baby carrots
*celery(cut into snack size)
*Natural PNB( put some in a smaller container)
* whole grain crackers
* Fibre one cereal
* Pack a water bottle that you can re-fill. Make sure you get your water

* BUT the girls love to talk about Everything while we eat chocolate!! Well here is what you will bring, an on the road trail mix.It has the yummy with out ruining your weeks efforts: Natural dark chocolate chips(small amount)
dried natural cranberries
natural almonds
fibre one cereal(clusters are my fav)
Mix this all in a large zip lock bag. Portion out in to the small snack size zip locks(these are newer and I LOVE them) Putting a couple of these in your bag on the go is a great snack. You get all the flavours you crave without the weight gain. Great for on the go! *Only bring 4 at the Max..Come on now ladies!!! lol

* BREAKFAST- You may want to bring your mornings breakfast.(pre-cooked if it is oatmeal) Put it in small containers you can heat up and eat. Make sure you eat in the morning. If you are eating out you can ask for:

* An egg white omelet with peppers, onions and mushrooms. Ask them to watch the oils. You could have a piece of dry WG toast with that. Make sure to tell them dry! They love to add butter…lol.

*Add some fruit to this. If you are having the fruit out then ask if it is canned. Some canned fruit has more sugar then a Chocolate bar. Bring a grapefruit with you in case.

* LUNCH- Try to stick to lean choices. If you have a chicken wrap, ask to have no mayo , cheese or bacon. OR have a baked potato(eat half) a grilled chicken breast and veggies. OR somewhere like Wendy’s have the small chili. Feel free to have a side salad with any of these lunch choices and have your fruit(apple can go in your bag easy)

*DINNER- Stick to a lean protein(fish, chicken, ex) and veggies. You can also have a salad with or as this meal. Just make sure you have your protein.

*If you are going to have wine, have a glass of water between. If you plan on having wine in the evening, try to have one less carb snack(crackers, cereal, ex) during our day.

*Same with any “treat”. LOTS OF WATER

*Try to have any extras or treats at lunch time if you can. (keep supper as lean as possible)

* Try to be “on plan” as much as you can. Pick 2 things you really want over the weekend and have them. Just jump right back on the plan the next meal or snack.

Its not easy on the road but it is do-able. It takes some planning and good choices at the time! Stick you your guns!! You are doing amazing!! Its all worth it! As I have said ” High Energy, Glowing Skin, Amazing Posture, Shiny Hair, High Libido, Confidence,And A Positive out Look on Life are All Much Sweeter Then Any Chocolate Bar!!!” It’s all about the attitude shift!!!

Have a great weekend Everyone!!!