Lately I’ve been finding media (including Social Media) almost brash. It’s just too aggressive for me right now. I consistently see high energy intense posts written about kicking 2016 off with a bang and how to lose weight this new year.

While I whole-heartedly applaud anyone with such fire and excitement for the new year I also have a deep understanding about successful weight loss journeys that comes from my experience of being in “the weight loss industry” for so many years.

My experience about January 1st is this:

Running out the door on January 1st and buying measuring devices, new protein powders, supplements, gym memberships, new workout clothes, protein bars, etc guarantees nothing. I have found being gentle with myself and easing into the new year much more successful.

There is no question that certain steps need to be taking to create positive change but I believe the energy we head into these changes with will often determine our success.

I have seen time and time again people heading into change almost obsessively and become burnt out before anything good can transpire.
How to lose weight this new year

Easing into the New Year – The Gentle Way to Lose Weight this New Year

Here are my top 5 over-zealous weight loss actions to avoid:

1) Buying anything and everything you’ve heard works.

Being excited is good. Being anxious is detrimental.

Running around like a chicken with your head cut off buying up everything you’ve heard works for losing weight is a waste of time and money. I’m talking protein bars, supplements, food scales, calorie counting devices, etc.

The absolute must things you need to lose weight this new year are healthy food, pure water, sneakers and sleep.

Keep it simple starting out and let your routine grow and expand as you go.

2) Taking advice from anyone and everyone.

There are a million different ways to get to any one goal. If you don’t choose a plan and stick with it long term this causes confusion and lack of results.

I use to be guilty of following the new “hot” diet trend each week. It never got me to where I wanted to be. The only way I created lasting change and results in my life was to commit to what works and to “as long as it takes”.

3) Using shakes instead of food for meals.

You need real food to live a healthy, happy life. Having a shake once in a while in your diet when in a hurry or as a snack is great but you can’t live on shakes alone.

Once you start eating again you will find yourself in a mess and back at square one. Real food is always the answer.

4) Expecting results in a week.

Unless you are five or less pounds away from your goal a week of commitment isn’t going to cut it. You have to come into weight loss with a lifestyle transformation mindset.

We have to surrender to the thought that it will take as long as it takes.

I love to use the metaphor of planting seeds, watering those seeds and then each week digging up the soil to see if they have grown yet. We all know this would ruin the plant and the seeds would never have a chance.

When you are changing your lifestyle you have to do the work that needs to be done and rest in the faith that the results will come.

5) Obsessing about size, scale or appearance.

To every member who joins DAMY Health Online Programs I try to say “You are perfect exactly how you are right now and then there is more”. There is nothing shameful or negative about wanting to lose excess body fat or become a more fit, healthy, vibrant and youthful person.

These are all beautiful, exciting goals that everyone deserves to reach.

When this becomes toxic is when we punish ourselves for not yet being these things.

Creating health in your life, including a body that feels good and that you feel comfortable with, is a pillar that you deserve to have as a consistent reality. It does not dictate your self-worth or make you good or bad.

What I can say from personal experience is that when you consistently feel good about your appearance you experience constant and stable moods, you feel confident and get dressed with ease and you have so much more brain power to think about other things.

It literally sets you free to do and be more.

When I think back to the years I spent crying and stressing over getting to my goal instead of just doing what needed to be done to get there I feel embarrassed and sad for the girl I used to be. If I can save one woman, one day, year or decades (like I went through) then I feel I’m doing my job.

This year I want to reach more women than ever and be their guide to freedom.

I want to attract women who are ready to fully commit to the deeper layer of transformation. I am ready to welcome you into my community if you are ready.

Lets make this year the best year of our lives rooted in freedom, vibrant health, deep peace, love and kindness to ourselves and others. Change starts with us and being the very best version of ourselves is a gift we give ourselves first and expands to everyone in our lives.

I am ready. Are you?

Have me be your personal coach/guide this year.

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