I am so thrilled today to be sharing Emily’s Bikini Body Program Success Story with you all.

The way Emily lived this journey is the perfect example of making a clear choice and committing to the journey of self improvement no matter what. There were weeks that the scale would not say much for Emily but she kept going!

She was one of those women that didn’t have the changes on the scale but changes in her appearance. We used pictures to really see Emily change…and did she ever!! She lost body fat and gained lean muscle.

She created a lean, tight, toned, fit body for herself! She worked hard and never gave up. She fully embodied and understood that success isn’t about being perfect it is always about just doing your best at each moment. This is what always creates these wonderful, amazing results in the long run.

Emily – I am so, so thrilled for you! This is about so much more than achieving a certain body shape….but my heavens you look amazing!!!!

I hope you are filled with so much joy and you are proud of your hard work. You are a healthy, beautiful, fit woman that works hard to create the things you want. That is something to be so proud of. I know that this is just the start. I hope you take from this journey that you can do anything you put your mind to. Once you commit and do your best daily….Nothing can stand in your way.

I am excited to see what the future holds for you! I hope you are doing something to celebrate this journey! You deserve it 🙂

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Emily’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“The thing I love most about DAMY is that you don’t have to count calories!”


What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?

Although I did not have a significant amount of weight to lose, I had plenty of room for tightening and toning. In the first two weeks I lost 5 lbs. After the initial drop in weight, my number plateaued, but I continued to notice changes in body composition. I was looking longer, leaner and more defined each week. I couldn’t believe the difference in my before and after pictures!

Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

I dreaded taking my initial pictures for the program. A back surgery sidelined me from exercising for four months. Prior to that I was in the best shape of my life (until now). I had found damyhealth prior to my surgery but knew that I would not be able to complete the exercise regimen during my recovery. Looking back, I wish I had joined for the nutritional aspect because diet is so important to health maintenance.

Before surgery, I was exercising regularly and was eating many of the same foods on plan, but was eating them at the wrong time of the day which stalled my results. After surgery, I was not eating healthy and was not able to exercise. I was not happy with the way I looked and wanted to get back into shape.

When I first started the program, I found that it was easy for me to adjust to the nutritional program since I was eating healthy before surgery. I loved experimenting with the recipes and am still amazed at how creative and delicious many of them are. The workouts were challenging enough so that I was able to complete them, but still felt as though I was being pushed.

I am still amazed at how much my body changed and how much I accomplished in three short months on the Bikini Body Program. I feel so much better about myself and how I look. I love to see peoples’ reactions when I show them my before and after photos. It really is remarkable how Amy has fine tuned her program to suit the needs of so many different people.

What do you love about DAMY?

The thing I love most about DAMY is that you don’t have to count calories. I was driving myself crazy day in and day out logging caloric intake and burn. There were days where I would eat even if I was not hungry because I had not taken in enough calories. DAMY alleviates that stress and lets you focus on eating clean, healthy food without the guilt. The recipe variation is good and the desserts are simply amazing! The hardest part for me was choosing which treat to have each week!

Amy is very motivational. I wanted to try her program after reading her own success story. You can see from her testimonial that she has walked in the shoes of women like myself. She knows how much hard work and dedication it takes to transform your lifestyle. Amy was always supportive and non-judgmental, even when I had an extra treat….or two.

– Emily (Bikini Body Program Member)


Amy Layne is the Co-Owner of DAMY Health Online and Coach Specializing in Holistic Nutrition, Fitness, Self-Love, Goal Realization, Inspiration and Living Your Best Life. She is the creator of the world famous DAMY Method and Bikini Body Programs. To see Amy’s Before and After Photos and DAMY Member Success Stories Click Here. For Amy’s complete story go

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