A challenge that many people face (especially women) is emotional eating. That is when we find ourselves saying things like “I had a terrible day so I ate chocolate” or “After this day I need/deserve a drink.” When we give into these momentary satisfactions we set patterns of damaging behavior. When we give into unhealthy foods in such a manner we feel out of control and actually chemically set ourselves up for mood swings. Usually after these indulgences we feel guilty or uncomfortable. The key is to learn your own patterns and recognize the difference between an occasional treat or an emotional binge.

Rules to Live By:
1) If you have had a hard day and feel you need to reward yourself have a hot bath or book a massage.

2) Before giving into a craving have a tall glass of water.

3) Ask yourself three times if you are really hungry or if you are just emotional.

4) Don’t eat treats in a rash manner. If you have been craving chocolate for days plan a night when you are going to have your chocolate. Buy the healthy chocolate days before the evening/day you decide to have it. Decide in advance how much you are going to eat and stick to it. Savor every bite!

5) Studies have shown that we only need three bites of the food we are craving to be satisfied.

6) Turn to fruits and vegetables first!

7) There are many healthy alternatives to our favorite treats. If you are craving a certain food but want to stay on your healthy plan email us and we will come up with some suggestions for substitutes.

After distancing yourself from these behaviors or these foods/drinks you will feel like a million dollars! You will then realize the effects these products have on your body!