It’s no secret I’m obsessed with Herb Teas. I probably have currently 40 different flavors in my tea cupboard. It’s not a joke.

In the winter I use herb teas throughout the day and in the evening to keep warm and to combat sugar cravings. In the summer, however, I always have a large jug in my refrigerator of iced herb tea. There are so many flavors to choose from nowadays… it’s just so fun!

Here is a sneak peak into my crazy tea cupboard:
DAMY Tea Cupboard

Why I love Herbal Tea and Healthy Herbal Tea Cocktails

I love herb tea because of the heath benefits from green and white teas, most have no calories, they come in fruity, fun flavors (or even flavors like wine and champaign – which I have in my cupboard) and it’s a great way to shake up your water or to enjoy a healthy cocktail. I love shaking up the flavors! You can go with a lemon fresh tea or a strawberry fruit punch flavored tea to a vanilla rich bodied flavored tea.

Remember to use stevia as your sweetener for a calorie/chemical-free option. When I’m at home I use my liquid stevia because it blends so easily.

You can always use natural extracts to shake up the flavors as well. For example, I have a really nice strawberry fruit punch flavored tea that sometimes I add a dash of vanilla extract to – to give it a strawberry cream flavor. It’s amazing and again, all natural and practically guilt free (as far as consuming alcohol goes lol).

You can also use tea for wine spritzers. Just combine half sparkling wine and half herb tea. Simple and delicious.

To make your herb tea cocktail simply follow the directions below using your favorite herb teas!

Herbal Tea Cocktail Directions:

  1. Prepare your herbal tea the night before in your refrigerator in a large jug (follow the instructions that come with the tea).
  2. Using a tall glass with some ice add fresh herb tea (I enjoy the fruitier, white or green tea varieties).
  3. Add a couple drops of liquid stevia.
  4. Add one shot of unflavored vodka.
  5. Enjoy!

Sparkling Herb Tea Cocktail Directions:

  1. Fill an ice-filled glass half with your favorite flavor of Zevia Pop (I enjoy the lemon lime, cream soda and orange when mixing cocktails).
  2. Fill the rest with your favorite flavor of iced herb tea.
  3. Add one shot of vodka and a couple fruit slices.
  4. Finish with a couple drops of liquid stevia to sweeten to taste.
  5. Enjoy!


Skinny Summer Cocktail Tips

Here are some quick skinny summer cocktail tips to help you enjoy some summer cocktails this season without the guilt:

  • Pre-brewed and chilled herb iced teas are a great summer mix. There are millions of flavors ranging from sweet to fruity to savory.
  • Natural herbs are a great way to intensify the flavors of your skinny cocktails. Spriggs of mint or rosemary go a long way as far as flavors go.
  • Natural extracts are a great way to add additional guilt-free flavor to cocktails.
  • Using frozen fruit in place of ice cubes is pretty and adds even more natural flavor.
  • Sparkling water or Zevia Pop adds bubbles guilt-free.
  • Liquid stevia mixes quickly and adds a natural sweeteness to your summer cocktails.
  • Going out or to a restaurant? Here is my major tip for enjoying cocktails out – Many cocktails that you find at a restaurant are just packed with sugar, fat and calories. You might as well be eating a slice of cake. So, before I head out the door to a restaurant where I know I will be enjoying a cocktail I place stevia packets in my purse. When I get to the restaurant I order a large glass of water with lime slices (or lemon) and a shot of vodka on the side. I then add the vodka to the water, muddle the limes and add in my stevia. I have a fresh, low-calorie, delicious cocktail to enjoy on a hot summer day!
  • Choosing clear alcohols is always best.
  • Water in between each drink is optimal.

For more great clean cocktails idea check out these links:

But, of course the healthiest use of iced herb tea is to just have a nice flavor in your water. If you’ve seen my post on naturally flavored water you know I love to mix it up. I pick the caffeine-free/calorie-free varieties for my infused water that I consume daily.

Right now I’m in love with David’s Teas Spring Tea Kit. This collection of teas is all fruity, fun and light. The variety is awesome. I choose between the different flavors and always have a 2L jug going in my refrigerator. I just use a large mesh tea ball in a regular juice container.

Here’s a peak at the flavors and the beautiful teas that are in this Spring Time Variety Pack (You can find David’s Tea online here, on Facebook here or you can find the closest location to you via their website).

Healthy Iced Teas & Iced Herb Tea Cocktails

I highly recommend these flavors of David’s Herb Tea for this Summer Season. Check out how beautiful they are!
Davids Tea
Davids Tea Iced Tea
Davids Tea Strawberry Ginger
Strawberry Ginger
Davids Tea Pink Flamingo
Pink Flamingo
Paradise Found Davids Tea
David's tea Paradise found
Jolly Jellybean Davids Tea
Jolly Jellybean
Day Dreamer Davids Tea
Day Dreamer

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