Zoe is the perfect example of how to lose 50 pounds. I’m talking the real way, the right way, the lasting way.

Her transformation is very important and emotional for me. I felt very connected to Zoe during this part of her journey (and since) and she made my program proud.

Zoe took the Bikini Body Program and really followed the mindset and methods that are the foundation of the program. She embodied the lifestyle and in turn became a wildly fit, youthful, vibrant woman.

She is constantly upping her game, challenging herself and becoming more of who she really is. In her physical transformation obviously she has become lean, fit and powerful but I also am just so shocked at how she looks 20 years younger. I have worked with many women and, even myself, I am aware that when we become healthy and take care of ourselves emotionally and physically years pull back but watching this with Zoe filled me with so much joy.

Zoe – I know we now have a new set of goals, a new journey to set out on, and I know you will meet every single goal along this journey. I’m thrilled to do this along with you.

Thank you for inspiring me and thank you for embodying what DAMY Health is.

how to lose 50 pounds

Zoe’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“I lost 52 lbs with DAMY Health, and went from a size 18 to a size 10!!!”

I lost 52lbs with DAMY Health, and went from a size 18 to a size 10!!! I really regret not measuring myself in the beginning and if you are just starting… take good starting pictures and measure… trust me you may not feel like it but you won’t regret it!

DAMY has helped me in every area of my life, I originally signed up for weight loss, but soon discovered it was far from my priority, being healthy, feeling vibrant and strong in my own body, and also discovering my energy and zest for life after years of depression have been the best gift to me and my family.

Amy & David are nothing short of amazing! DAMY health is an amazing programme, it’s easy to follow, and the best part of all the whole family eats the same, yes some portions are slightly different but being on previous “diets” you feel like the leper at supper time.

DAMY is not like a diet. It’s a program that gives you the tools to succeed.

Amy comes up with the most incredible life saving recipes!! I am a chocolate addict, unfortunately I don’t think this will ever change, however Amy creates the richest most decadent recipes so that you can indulge and still be “good”. My favourite treats are the Chocolate Ganache cookie dough squares, the icy square chocolates and the maple pecan ice cream.

I just welcomed my fourth child into the world, and before DAMY I quite easily would have gone out of control with my diet, but DAMY kept me on track and now 2 1/2 weeks post partum I have 20lbs to lose.

I feel ecstatic about this number, it’s so doable. Before I met Amy I struggled to lose 26 lbs. It took me 4 years!!

I found Amy and lost 52lbs within 6 months!! If I can lose 78lbs and feel this healthy and have this much energy I can do anything!!

– Zoe (Bikini Body Program Member)

how to lose 50 pounds

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