Anyone looking to join the military needs to know one thing…GET FIT.  The better shape you are in the easier time you will have at Basic Training.  I wanted to write this post to help people prepare physically for Boot Camp.  Mental training will come at a later post but it should help to know that the better shape you are in and the easier time you have physically the easier the training will be mentally.  The better shape you are in the longer hours you can work, the easier it will be to stay awake, and the less painful the training will be.  Here’s what you need to do to get ready…

What exercises should I focus on when preparing for Military Boot Camp?

To succeed at Boot Camp or Basic Training you need to have a good balance between strength and endurance.  In the weeks leading up to your course you should focus on these exercises:

  • Push Ups
  • Sit Ups
  • Pull Ups
  • Running
  • Walking Long Distances with a Heavy Backpack
Honestly, that is it.  If you are incredible at these 6 things you will be a champ at Basic.   To be more specific I will give you a few goals to shoot for.  Keep in mind these goals are only for people who want to be the best at Basic Training.  If you want to shine then make sure you are meeting each one of these pre-requisites.
Push Ups – 60 in a row
Sit Ups – 100 in 2 minutes
Pull Ups – 15 in a row
Running – 5 km in under 21 minutes
Walking – be able to do 1 hour with 50-70 lbs on your back