Today I am so excited to share Michelle’s Bikini Body Program Success Story!!!

Michelle is a busy Mom who inspires me daily. Michelle, to me, embodies the simple truth that “where there is a will, there’s a way.”

With Michelle’s demanding life there could have been many times for her to simply give up on her personal goals. She didn’t because she understands the importance of being a healthy role model for her entire family – keeping her energy high and her health optimized.

Michelle – I am so proud of you and adore working with you! You inspire me and I’m so happy that you chose DAMY!

Michelle’s Bikini Body Success Story“I am amazed at the results achieved, since I am almost 40 and have three children ages 3, 5 and 8.”

What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?

I lost 7.5lbs on my 5’0 frame. I gained 1.5″ on my chest, lost 2.5″ on my waist and lost 1.5″ on my hips. I saw a dramatic change in my body. My arms and tummy are much more toned and defined, which I never thought I could do after having three children.

I am amazed at the results achieved, since I am almost 40 and have three children ages 3, 5 and 8. My clothes fit better and everything feels “lifted”.

Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

DAMY has helped me look at life with an energetic positive outlook. I feel that I have the power to choose to be the best person I can be and have the confidence to reach for my goals without fear.

Also, my energy levels have increased dramatically, especially when I chase after my three children ages 8 and under. I feel stronger, mentally and physically.

What do you love about DAMY?

I love the very flexible menu options. I am allergic to eggs, dairy, red meat, gluten and chocolate. Despite my special dietary needs, I had no problem with my meals, given DAMY’s extensive list of healthy food options. I did not feel like I am on a diet.

It was the perfect meal plan that I was looking for: a wide range of healthy fruits, vegetables and protein in generous portions. It has been easy to prepare meals for myself and my family. I am in the habit of making several vegetable side dishes, along with a veggie/hummus platter. My children are offered many different kinds of vegetables each day. Even with my food allergies, I was able to feel strong and nourished with the menu plan outlined.

The exercise plan is easy to do at home and realistic. I like that cardio varies between 30-45 minutes, but always under 1 hour. I do the weight exercises later in the day, which takes me 20-30 min. Perfect for a busy mom!

Anything extra to say about your DAMY Program, DAMY Health, or Coach Amy Layne?

Amy has been very supportive and a positive role in my journey to wellness and health. I have learned so much with holistic nutrition and exercise.

Before the Bikini Body Program, I wanted to start an exercise plan but had no idea where to start. DAMY Health provided EXACTLY what I needed to achieve my physical, mental and spiritual goals for the rest of my life.

– Michelle (Bikini Body Program Member)

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