“I’m going to adopt. I can’t handle doing that to my body… Also, when you rescue something, it’s like rescuing a part of yourself.” 
So, after reading this and hearing much feed back I am going to get on the train. lol. I have only a couple things to say. First and most important for all you mothers and soon to be mothers  that have been offended or hurt by this rest easy, many of the best bodies I have ever seen are that of women that are mothers and have carried out a pregnancy.  I mean it!!! 
Second everyone has an opinion. I think it is healthy for someone to realize that they are not suited to have a child by giving birth.  I know a few women that don’t have those great stories of feeling beautiful and healthy pregnant. I know some that suffered every day from  being on bed rest to being nauseated every moment of nine months. These women are the ones that say ” I will not be doing that again”, and they don’t. 
 Maybe Jillian Michaels is in tune with her body and knows that “it” can’t handle it. Maybe she knows she is not mentally strong enough to put herself physically on the back burner. Whatever her thoughts are.. Who cares?She is just a person with a feeling. Let her have it.  I truly don’t believe anyone would listen and take her opinion to the point of not giving birth.  So really there is no damage done. This is her story. Her thoughts. Her reality. If you have had a baby or are having a baby and after what to have the best body of your life…make that your story, your truth, your reality.  It’s whatever you choose to believe. Look around for these women that have their best body yet after giving birth! They are all around.