So many “bloggers” are sent products to try and are then asked to blog about them. I have done this before but I choose to do things, well… a bit differently to say the least. I fall in love with a product, proceed to contact the company, gush like I am the only person in the world that knows about them… then blog. Weird I know but when I find something that I love I just have to share. Being a small business owner myself I think it can only be a good thing to let a company know how awesome they are. Right? I digress. Back to my exciting find!!

I first heard about this amazing product from my girl friend over at She and I have very similar taste when it comes to our health and wellness views and products.  She had done a cute video about the GLO bag and told me how awesome it was. At first sight of this product I was in love. I do most of my workouts outdoors at a track or at the park. You should see me getting my duffel bag ready… I shove my running shoes, a sweater, my water bottle, a snack for after, a stop watch, workouts bands, keys, my wallet, lip balm, sunglasses, deodorant, workout journal, headband, elastics, a towel and whatever else I need for that day in my duffel bag. So now I have a huge bag stuffed with all my “stuff,” good luck finding anything. My husband has learned to start without me due to the 10 minutes of searching around in my bag to find anything. Well, not anymore!!! This bag is a dream! It is a portable locker. An Amazing Idea!

There is room for everything in this bag and you can access it all in it’s separate compartments. It is perfect for taking to the gym, for outdoor training like me or even for overnight. You will never be searching for your items again if you have this bag. The bag is one thing but then you find there is a separate bag you can hang with all your toiletries. Here… you need a visual to get the full effect of this! Take a look…

The GLO Bag

The GLO Bag review Amy Layne

Amy Layne GLO Bag Review

Now, can’t you see the million different times that this bag would come in handy? If you go to a gym or workout regularly this bag is the new staple.  The GLO bag is about it go “Hollywood!”

I heard a rumor that The Doctor’s caught a glimpse of this amazing product and will be featuring the GLO Bag on their show very soon! There was no doubt in my mind that this product would make it big!!!

*After gushing about the bag when I emailed the wonderful ladies of GLO Bag (p.s  this product is created by two wonderful, self starting ladies. LOVE that) I begged them to let me feature the GLO Bag in our DAMY Health Online store so fingers crossed!


Enter “DAMY” when you purchase your GLO Bag and receive 10% off!!!

How awesome???! You can find this product here:

Best fitness gift this year!! Get shopping!

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