Military workouts are just like in the movies. Funny eh? No really…pushups, situps, running, typical obstacle courses, jumping jacks, crawling through grass and muck, and ruck marches. In theory it sounds great but it is all the added yelling and screaming that makes it tough. Just like in the movies!

If I had to write a typical military workout this is what it would look like:
-beginning with a loud horn or whistle waking you up…setting your body into motion (it seems to know what to do after a couple days of the same thing). My experience was putting on my grey sweatsuit and sprinting down 10 flights of stairs and through a long hallway to arrange myself in a line outside.
Warm Up – Jog for 3-5 minutes to a large patch of grass and form a large semi-circle.
– series of stretches
– some jumping jacks
– some push ups
Run – Fast Pace Run for approx. 10 Minutes
Set – 25 Push Ups
– 25 Sit Ups
– Leg raises as a group (until they tell you to stop)
– Flutter Kick as a group (same)
– Plank – 1 Minute (or until they tell you to stop)
Run – Fast Pace Run for approx. 10 Minutes
– This time you run until the group divides into a fast and slow group. Then the fast group makes a U-Turn and goes to join with the slow group. It’s a moral booster.
Set – 25 Dips
– Max Pull Ups
– 10 Diamond Push Ups
(repeat x2)
Run – Fast Pace Run for approx. 10 Minutes
Set – Combo of the exercises listed above.
Cool Down – Warm Up in Reverse.
This really is a good workout even though it seems so basic. It is beneficial for total body conditioning. Everyone who has been through it knows that doing workouts like these improves your overall fitness like you have never seen before. You will get stronger and leaner while taking your cardio to another level. Team workouts like these really make you push it.
If you want to take your fitness to another level you have to push it!