This is a list to let you get to know me a bit better. These are rules, mindsets and realizations I have had that make me who I am and have improved my life.

1 – I Workout 6 Days a Week

I workout 6 days a week. I lift weights 5-6 times a week and do cardio 5-6 times a week. I do not talk about what workout I am doing everyday or how amazing it was because this is just what I do (it’s like breathing – I don’t talk about how many deep breaths I took today). Sometimes if I really feel it was a rockin’ workout or if it was in nature I will talk about it a bit but the truth is this is just part of my everyday now. It is not a fight or anything out of the ordinary.

When I began the transformation of my body, life and career I did talk about it more! It was new and different. I liked sharing that I was working out everyday because it was crazy for me! But, now when I am working out, I am working out and giving it my all for that day. Some days are better than others. I, at this point in my life, workout at different times in the day and I switch up my workouts going from the Lifestyle Program to the Bikini Body Program. Some months I am building muscle, some months I am leaning down. One thing I am always doing is improving my body, working towards what I want my body to look and feel like. There is a different look that everyone is going for. We all have our idea of the perfect body. I know mine and am continually improving it.

2 – I am Always Trying to Be Better

I am always trying to be better. Don’t get this confused. I am never trying to be better than anyone else. I am always trying to be better than my previous self. See, life for me is about growth, change and actualizing your authentic self. This takes daily work and persistence. This also does not mean that I am unhappy with myself today, because I am happy. I live in today but am always working towards my best yet to be.

3 – I Meditate Everyday

I meditate everyday. I need this time. When I meditate it brings me into right now. If I do not then I find myself anxious with racing thoughts. “Am I on track?” “Am I doing my best?” “Am I going to reach my goals?” “Is this good enough?”

Meditation for me is the glue that holds my life together. It is my time to be in the moment, get grounded and be grateful – not wanting anything or to go anywhere. Just being here and now.

4 – I Take Sundays to Fuel My Self

I take Sundays to fuel my self. Sunday I limit the technology in my life. I just do what I want all day Sunday. Whatever I really feel like. I watch my streaming of Agape International Spiritual Center, journal, read, cook and love my family. I light candles, dress cozy, wear no makeup and just BE. This makes my weeks run smoothly and is something I love.

5 – I am in love with my DAMY Heath Members.

I am in love with my DAMY Heath Members. I live to be there as they reach their goals. It gives my life a burning passion that I cannot explain. My dream is to reach as many women as possible and help them realize their greatest selves. I love these ladies and am so grateful to have them in my life.

6 – I Eat a Vegetarian Diet

I eat a vegetarian (sometimes vegan) diet (diet as in the sum of all the foods I eat – I follow the DAMY Bikini Body Program). I do not preach this choice nor tell anyone that this is what they should do. I think that it is up to the person. For me it was never a challenge to not eat meat. It never was something I missed. I ate meat only because that is what the people around me called normal. It never felt normal. When I realized this at a young age I didn’t eat much meat but 5 years ago I said good-bye for good and have never looked back. It is just what agrees with me on the physical, mental and spiritual level.

7 – I Eat “On Plan” 98% of the Time

I eat “on plan” 98% of the time. I eat whole natural foods 98% of the time. The other 2% of the time I have wine, maybe sweet potatoes fries or some chocolate. My treats go something like that. I only have a treat when I really want one. That is just where I am. I have come to an honest belief that although the general population may not agree with me, this is normal.

I do not think what we see at restaurants and grocery stores are normal! All this processed, packaged, sugar and fat filled foods that are now everywhere are not normal! They do not feel normal in my body or benefit me in anyway. I get very confused when I am in a situation and someone is asking me what I eat and how I do it while they are drinking pop and eating some boxed thing. How did we all get so messed up? How is it normal to drink Pepsi and not normal to eat vegetables. I wish everyone could take a big step back and see how far removed we have come from healthy eating.

8 – I Try to Make Everyone Comfortable

I have a terrible habit of trying to make everyone comfortable. When someone complements me I try to make it seem like nothing and just brush off my achievement. This is something that I am working on changing right now. I am from now on going to accept my successes. I am going to let complements in without trying to lessen them. This is a current thing I am working on. I am going to stop trying to dim my light to make others more comfortable. I encourage you all to do the same. In saying this I haven’t shared a lot of great things with you all, but from now on I will be.

have some big things coming up including my first cookbook, book and collaborations with some great publications. I can’t wait to share this all with you. You will be seeing and hearing more great things!

9 – I Blog Because I Enjoy It

I blog because I enjoy it. I do not think I am better than anyone, holy, or someone that needs to be heard. I just enjoy it. If there are a few people that hear my words how they are meant to be interpreted than I am happy. I just like to share things that make my life better in the hope that it lands on someone and helps them in some way. It could be inspiration, motivation or just a yummy meal. If you do not enjoy reading what I have to say, please understand that you do not have to read anything I write.

10 – I Do Not Fit a Mold

I do not fit in a mold. When I first decided to follow my passion of health and wellness I looked to the fitness industry. I looked at the norm and tried to fit into that mold. I quickly realized that it was not the fit for me…. the mold, not the fitness industry. See, I have my own ideals, visions and passions. I do not want to stand on a stage and have someone tell me where I rank, I do not want to be the face of a fat burning pill I do not believe in, and I certainly do not want to fit a mold someone else created becoming a billboard for whatever they are selling. That is just not me.

I then looked at the food bloggers. Well, I am not going to fit there either. I am only going to share what I really like and want to share. I am not going to be an all vegan blog, an all strict health food blog, I am not going to list the calories in my recipes (I do not count my calories anymore), not an all vegetarian blog, or all dessert blog.

Then looked at the fitness blogs – well I am not going to talk about my workout everyday. So…. I don’t fit into a mold. I am just not going to try. I blog whatever I am feeling and want to share. In following what I really believe in and only sharing what I love the best business, companies, and products have discovered me. If it vibrates with you, great, if not, move along.

11 – I am Spiritual Not Religious

I am spiritual not religious. If you would like to know more about this, contact me and we can chat. I think it is important to not push spiritual or religious beliefs on others.

12 – I Know People are Going to Talk

One thing I know is people are going to talk, speculate, take things personally that you say, and make things up about you (coming from a small town gets you ready for this part of life early). What I know for sure about this is – you do not have to take it personally. I have had some mean things said and made up about me. Some of these things were from relatives and friends. I used to really take this hard. I would cry and say why me…blah blah blah. I no longer take this personally. I know that nothing anyone says about me in this fashion is true or has anything to do with me.

What it really comes down to is how they feel about themselves. People that are unhappy, jealous, feel threatened or are board in their lives gossip and try to tear others down in whatever way that they can. When people are happy and full of joy, they do not feel the need to tear others down. Just knowing that when another says hateful things about you they are only speaking of themselves and not you. This knowing will set you free. Do not let anyone ruin your day, hour or minute. Send them some love (they need it) and move along living your life.

13 – There is Not One Ideal Female Body Type

I am passionate about there not being one female body type that is the best. There are many types that are all equally amazing! I love a muscular women as much as a curvy women! All the women that come to DAMY Health have a different ideal of what their perfect body looks like. I love that!!!! Some want to be muscular, some want to be just toned and lean, some want to be curvy. All are equally perfect and wonderful! That is what I love about DAMY.

There is no mold for what you should look like. You decide and we give you the tools to get there. None are better than the other. Remember that. Do no put another woman’s body down to explain what you want. It is not necessary. Just become what you think is beautiful and for you.

14 – I Have BIG Dreams

I have BIG dreams. Along this road to making them all come true I am going to follow my heart and do what is right for me. I will do my best to stay on the road of what I believe in. When I veer off I will let you know. I will be as honest and candid with you as I can at any given time. I am going to keep my eyes in my own lane because I know that looking around only slows you down.


Amy Layne is a Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Expert at DAMY Health. She is the creator of the popular DAMY Method Program and world famous Bikini Body Program. To see Amy’s Before and After Photos and DAMY Member Success Stories Click Here.

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