It’s Healthy Rebel Radio coming at you live from closet office and sponsored by water, lol. In today’s episode we look at how the world has changed and what we can expect moving forward.

This is our longest one yet. We have a lot to talk about on this subject.

It is now the third week of May 2020 and we have been restricting events, work, education, trips to the park and gatherings with friends for over 8 weeks. It has taken its toll and we know we have had it easier than many.

As our region begins to open up the economy and the plan for communities to get back to a more normal state unfolds we are finding that some are concerned it is too quick and others too slow. With such confusion it has left us wondering what is next?

Topics covered on today’s episode include the following:

1) What will personal interactions look like in the future? Are we going to be shaking hands and hugging any time soon?

2) How will we, as a nation, continue to contribute across the globe when we are at such a risk of an economic collapse here at home? Should we continue to contribute? And if so, in what capacity?

3) With this new age of internet experts who will rise from Covid-19 as trusted sources? Will governments lose the trust in people and is it mainstream media who is encouraging the distrust that exists currently?

4) What is going to happen to influencers? We discuss if we have reached peak influencer? Where will our attentions turn next if influencers are gone? We hope are entering an age of authenticity. 

5) What will the state of spirituality and religion be following the pandemic? 

6) Digital lifestyle, digital wellness and tele-consultations are changing the landscape of health and wellness. We discuss our experience so far.

7) Food supply and domestic supply chains – will there be shortages? What if we have a second wave? 

8) More home cooking is happening. For some it is great and others not so much. 

9) What is a “quarantine state of mind” and how long will it last?

10) Is the mask going to be a wardrobe staple? (We think so.)

11) What is the future of restaurants? Will there be major change?

12) Can we expect some sort of universal basic income long term?

We hope you enjoy this one. We are thrilled to have our podcasting studio fully set up and we had a great first run using it. 

Many of you have asked for transcripts of the podcast. We hear you and think it is a great idea. Implementation could take a while but we have moved it to the top of our list. Hopefully it is possible.

Hope you are all staying safe, taking on new hobbies, and are focusing on self-care and the wellness of your families.

Thank you for listening. 

Amy and David