Here are some Heart Candy for you to nibble on! Being happy, peaceful and in-the-flow of life takes reminders and refreshing. Enjoy these awesome messages today and share them as you wish.

These are all photos that have been shared on our Facebook Community Page. We have a loving, supportive, healthy and inspiring community on Facebook where we refresh ourselves daily with pure awesomeness. Join us here!

1) You Will Thank Them Both:

Heart Candy - Build you up


2) Focus on What You Want:

Stop dragging your past along beside you… it is not here. Let it go 🙂

Heart Candy - Life is what you make it

3) Free yourself from negative people:

Heart Candy - Free yourself from negative people

4) Let Yourself Heal:

Heart Candy - The body heals

5) If you can dream it you can become it:

Heart Candy - You Can become it

6) Learn how to be happy with what you have:

Heart Candy - Learn how to be happy

7) The future depends on what we do in the present:

Heart Candy - Ghandi - The future

8) Courage Is:

Heart Candy - Courage

9) In the End:

Heart Candy - Regret the chances we don't take


10) I am Here to Live my truth:

Heart Candy - Here to serve

11) Do Something You’ve Never Done:

Heart Candy - Do something you've never done

12) All Things Are Possible:

Heart Candy - Today I choose

13) Happiness Is:

Heart Candy - Happiness is when you think


14) Candace Parker – Inspiration:

Ladies this is for us! Meet Candace Parker. She is a WNBA player. Not just any player. In one year this woman was WNBA MVP, Rookie or the Year, an Olympic Gold Medalist, AP Female Athlete of the Year…and HAD A BABY! Ya, so she rocks a little. I doubt she ever said “I can’t do it” Let her be your inspiration of the week! (month or year!!) Go Candace!!!! Making women proud everywhere.

Heart Candy - Candace Parker


15) Do This Today – The One Minute Gratitude Plan:

Heart Candy - Look at the Sky

16) Self-Worth:

Love this 🙂 So important when you are going through changes like becoming healthy to remember this!!! Not everyone is going to be happy for you and that is ok!

Heart Candy - Self Worth


17) It Matters Only That You Love:

Heart Candy - Free your mind

18) Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition:

Heart Candy - Women


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