4 – Weeks FREE!
For this week if you join the Amy Layne Paradigm DAMY Health Program you will receive your second month FREE!  It’s that simple!  8 Weeks of diet and exercise for the price of 4!  Check out what all is included in the Amy Layne Paradigm Online Program.
Amy Layne Paradigm
Initial Enrollment Fee           $100
Second Month                       FREE!
Additional Months After         $52

•        Monthly Fitness Program
•        Monthly Meal Plan
•        Grocery List
•        Skin Care and Hair Advice
•        Unlimited Phone/Skype and Email Access (any questions)
•        Lifestyle Advice
•        Weekly email check-ins
•        Clothing Suggestions
•        Nutrition Label and Shopping Education
•        Unlimited Support and Motivation!
•        Daily inspirational emails!

Email Amy at amylayne@damyhealth.com or reply to this email to get signed up for July 1st!
*Offer expires Friday, June 18 at Midnight

When you see those people that always succeed, that set goals and accomplish them, the person that is truly happy in their own life…the one thing that these people all do is “get back up.”

The difference between success and failure is ALWAYS if and how you get back up!  Everyone fails here and there…never give up. never give in…this is the heart of a champion.


Amy Layne
DAMY Health