To me being healthy means happiness. When I am in my happiest state I feel free, at peace and what is best described in one word – in “bliss.” When I started on my health journey or my happiness journey (because they go hand-in-hand) I thought there was a special category of people that were just naturally happy, naturally positive and naturally fit and healthy. I thought these special people were just so lucky!

As it turns out we’re all the same. Health and bliss are available to each of us. We have to create them. It is the daily habits that we form, the mindsets we choose and the perceptions we decide to buy into that determines our health and bliss.

The tips below are what I work at embodying everyday. They have sincerely changed every aspect of my life. I, as I stand here today can say, am overflowing with bliss, fulfillment, health, joy and abundance in every area of my life. I created this and I let it happen. I work at it every single day.

I come from a place where I didn’t have a horrible childhood or terrible traumatic things happen to me. I bought into self-doubt, self-loathing, societal pressures and bullying in different forms which created the hell I come from. I have come from hell and live in heaven. You can too.

I hope that you take the information below and hear it with the ear behind your ear and see the words with the eye behind your eye. Feel the heart space and the sincerity in which they come.

Use these tips and you too can create daily bliss in your life.

9 Ways to Create Daily Bliss


Take Care of Your Body

That 45 minutes that you “don’t have to workout” is going to end up being 5 or more hours of self loathing wishing you did it.

So just go do it 🙂 You gain more time in your life, more energy and peace of mind by making eating healthy and working out a must daily. By doing what you know your body and mind really needs you give yourself the time to think about so much more important stuff 🙂 You eliminate guilt.

Just do what needs to be done and get on with your day…oh, and smile while you do it. How grateful are we that we have the freedom and choice to improve our lives making them incredible 🙂


There is no Such Thing as Quitting

There is no such thing as quitting!!! Life is here for us to grow, change and improve in all areas of our lives.
Next time you are having an “I feel sorry for myself I am just going to give up and…” Remember all the reasons you are living a healthy lifestyle. Write them down starting with – I am choosing self-love instead of self-abuse.

Eating healthy and working out is respectful and loving to your body and mind. Only good comes from this. Stay with it long enough to get through the detox/cleansing phase.

Love your body and mind so much that you take time out of your day to appreciate and to make choices that support your best interest.


Don’t Worry About What Others See

Don’t worry about what others see. Keep your head down and create your masterpiece. They will see in the end. Save the energy you would spend convincing others and just show them! Through your work, dedication and love you will at last unveil your masterpiece.


Always Have Fun

Do something fun today even if you just have 2 minutes. Get yourself in a situation were you have to laugh. If you have no time and no where to go… Youtube funny cats. You have to laugh at these 🙂


Use the Phrase “I Am”

I Am is the most powerful thing you can say. What you put after your “I Am” creates your reality. Lets all share an “I AM” for ourselves today (just write in in the comments below). It doesn’t have to be true…yet 🙂

Say it enough, act from it enough and feel it enough and soon you will be whatever you put behind these powerful words.


Change is not “All or Nothing”

Remember that real change is not “all or nothing”. It is a commitment to health. Health of the mind and body. Change can take time.

For me, losing fat then gaining the muscle I wanted took time. I had to stay focused and committed. I knew that if I put in the work, the results would come. Stay committed to yourself and doing this process the healthy way. The healthy way or the DAMY Health way sets you up for lasting results.

The “fast way” or unhealthy way to achieve these results does not last and can be gone in a few meals. Put in the work, commit to a happy, healthy life and every day work at creating it.

I am here to tell you… it is worth every minute!


Allow Great Things to Happen

When we stand back and look at our goals sometimes they can seem out of reach, out of touch or far away. Focus on each day doing your very best. These days of doing your very best quickly add up to amazing results. It’s not about looking ahead it’s about keeping your head within that day, within that choice, within that moment.

Look what you can do in 7 days of commitment to yourself…

Check out our girl Alyssa!!! Just 7 days of eating DAMY Health. This women is a star!! We just love here! Great job Alyssa. She is a shining example of life not being about being perfect all the time. It is about getting back up when you know you need to. LOVE a women that can pick herself up before she falls. Go girl!!! Check out her post here.


Let Go and Let Greatness into Your Life

Do your work that needs to be done – eat healthy, drink your water, exercise and then let it go. Let go of the stress. When you put in the work and have faith the results follow. Let them happen! Let go and let greatness.


Find Your Bliss

Times are busy and we’re all moving at a rapid pace. You may not have an hour a week to go do something you enjoy but surely you can find half an hour. Mark off your half an hour like you would an appointment with a doctor and go do whatever makes your heart sing.

This could be painting, singing, dancing, talking to a girlfriend or simply putting your feet in the ocean. Just do it.

This is our Bliss. What’s yours?

As you claim the totality of who you really are, who you really aren’t will simply melt away – Marianne Williamson


Amy Layne is a Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Expert at DAMY Health. She is the creator of the popular DAMY Method Program and world famous Bikini Body Program. To see Amy’s Before and After Photos and DAMY Member Success Stories Click Here. For Amy’s complete story go

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