Today I can’t stop thinking about the Holidays!! We have our flights booked and are very excited!! We were thinking about not going home this year and saving the much needed money, and having our own little Christmas. We found great deals on flights and our family(Mothers)graciously gave them to us as our Christmas gifts this years. We are so excited to see everyone. The best part of going home has to be the children. We have the sweetest nieces, nephews and cousins that we just adore. So we are happy with our choice to spend our Holidays at “home”.
One thing that I think all women and men have in common is the “Mom’s house syndrome”!! This is when you go to your mothers and open the fridge and cupboards and just start mindlessly munching.. “Everything is calorie free and healthy at Mom’s right??” We turn into this hungry child that just wants all the goodies!!! Aside from the fact no one can cook like your Mom!! You can’t say no to any of her famous dishes!! There is just something about going home that makes us all hungry and crave it all.
I want to make this Holiday different!! There is no better time for family photos. . I want to feel glamorous this year!! Better then ready for my hot New Years dress!! I’m going to take some extra steps to make sure this happens!! Here are some of the things I’m going to do to be ” Hot for the Holidays”

*First, there are great plans out there to help you with meal plans and exercise programs. Some people wait until New Years to start. I think that you need the support and direction heading into the Holidays more then ever!! These people know their stuff!! Great tips, advice, and keep you ACCOUNTABLE! This alone will make sure you don’t fall off the wagon!! Find a great program with a great support system that is tailored to YOU!

* Being “in control” during the Holidays does not mean no fun and no treats!! When you are going to an event, party or your mothers, have a clean snack or meal before you go. Make sure to have some protein in there. Eat till you are satisfied. Drink lots of water before you go. When you get there look around at what you really want to try. Maybe your girl friend made her famous Apple Crisp and you need to have that.. Pick a couple of your favourites and “sample” them. Eat just enough to be satisfied. Savour the flavour. Eat it slowly. Have a glass of water with these treats. If we think back on times of over indulgence, we can see that we eat things we aren’t even crazy about.
If you are drinking wine. Have a glass then have a tall glass of water. If you choose what you really want to eat and only eat what you really love you will feel so much better. You will have that energy to dance and sing.. Be the most vibrant you!!

* Take the time with friends and family and make the most of it! Ask your sisters to go for a walk to look at Christmas lights. Go toboggan with the Kids. Play some fun and active games with the kids. If you are visiting from away, go and ask the local gym if them have a 2 week membership plan. Most places will give you a great deal.

* Bring healthy dishes to events!! Everyone loves veggie trays!! Hummus??? yummy. Grilled chicken skewers, pin-wheel wraps on whole grain, Fruits with a light dip. There is lots out there. Think creative and healthy!! People love new ideas! You are sure to be a hit!

* All those fancy specialty coffees sound amazing BUT are loaded with hidden calories!! Most adding up to the same fat and calories of a piece of cake!! Sure try one, but ask for it made light with no whipped topping!! Still yummy but half the fat and sugar! Also make it a small or medium. You will save a ton of calories and don’t forget that you will save money!!

* After a great treat get right back to your healthy eating plan. One meal will not make you fat or ruin it all. Sometimes we have to change our “all or nothing” attitude to a more big picture balanced approach!! It comes down to health: mental the physical. Letting loose with your number one in mind. YOU!!! Sometimes it is as simple as changing or thoughts just a little that makes the HUGE difference!!

I hope this helps you all during the Holidays! Lets make this a FABULOUS one!! I want to see some great photos!!!