This weekend we took off for some nature and peace on Salt Spring Island, BC. This is one of our favourite places to go when we need to refocus and remember what really matters.

On Salt Spring we always opt to stay in a rustic cabin. There is just something about being in your sweats with no make-up, no emails, good books, the ocean and nature that can not be replaced or substituted. Something amazing always comes out of these times. We make big decisions, remember our focus and find ourselves wrapped in pure love.

Here is a sneak peak of our weekend. It really was this simple and amazing at the same time!

“Did you know that it is your birthright to feel happy, healthy and loved? These experiences are not reserved for some group of “special” people out there somewhere. You are the special person!!! It is all for you! All of it. Dip into the truth of your magnificence today. Breathe it in :)”

-Amy Layne, DAMY Health

breathe it in

This was my 4 am meditation and view this past weekend.

breathe it in 2

We watched the sunset….

breathe it in 3

And we were grateful 🙂

breathe it in 4

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