I spend my time thinking about great things that could happen instead of worrying about everything that could go wrong = freedom!!!

I have so many women email me and tell me all the ways they have failed in the past. So what? We have all failed before!!! If you want something different stop telling your failure story. Let it go. As long as you keep telling it, it will be your story.

If you want something different, you have to do and believe in something different. Let your past failures go. They are doing NOTHING for you. They do not matter anymore. Take a deep breath, and release all stories of failure. Start telling a new story. This life is about change and you are always changing for the better. Nothing in your past can hold you back. It is gone. It is behind you. Move on emotionally.

Picture a boat making waves off the back motor. Those waves do not control the boat. It is just the wake left behind. Your past does not control you unless you LET it. Leave it where it is and start new.

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