How to survive the Holidays and the weeks leading up to the New Year

The Holidays are no different from any time of the year when we are talking about losing excess fat or staying your current weight. Preparation is the name of the game. Here I’m going to tell you ways to prepare for indulgent situations so that you can come out on top. Lets add no stress to the holidays and make them your most successful yet. Check out my top 12 tips:

1. Before a large dinner grab 15 almonds and drink 500 mL of water. When you go for your dinner fill you plate over half full with salad and vegetables. Grab a good source of protein (if available) and a small amount of carbohydrates (if they are clean – without cream or butter). Skip dessert and have tea instead!

2. Avoid the candy dishes and boxes of chocolate! Make herb tea, water, and clean snacks your best friends! If you are having a hard time write all the reasons for your healthy lifestyle/weight loss goals on a recipe card. Carry this card around with you in your purse and read it whenever you’re feeling a craving.

3. During the holiday season it may seem like alcohol and desserts are the only ways to meet up with a loved one or friend. Going out for coffee is a great way to socialize without booze or treats. Your local coffee house is a cozy meeting place in the winter.

4. If you have told yourself you are going to have some chocolate set a limit and stick to it! Three chocolates will give you the taste without ruining anything. Eat them slow and let them melt in your mouth! We are breaking habits of bingeing.

5. Remember, New Years Eve is just around the corner. What are you wearing? By choosing your outfit ahead of time and hanging it somewhere you will see it often your focus will be on target! Hold yourself accountable.

6. I’m here for you. If you’re having a craving, want to know how to deal with a situation, or need a killer workout email me. That is what I’m here for!

7. If you are drinking wine have a glass then have a tall glass of water. By alternating back and forth you will remain hydrated, flush the alcohol, and keep calories in check.

8. Make the most of your time with friends and family. Ask your sisters to go for a walk to look at Christmas lights. Go toboggan or play some fun and active games with the kids. If you are visiting from away, go and ask the local gym if they have a 2-week membership plan. Most places will give you a great deal.

9. Bring healthy dishes to events!! Everyone loves veggie trays!! humus??? Yummy! Grilled chicken skewers, pin-wheel wraps on whole grain, fruits with a light dip are amazing choices. Think creative and healthy!! People love new ideas! You are sure to be a hit! See our recipes on our members-only site.

10. All those fancy specialty coffees sound amazing BUT are loaded with hidden calories!! Most add up to the same fat and calories of a piece of cake!! Sure try one, but ask for it made light with no whipped topping!! Still yummy but half the fat and sugar! Also make it a small or medium. You will save a ton of calories and don’t forget that you will save money!! Did you see our pumpkin spice at-home latte?

11. After a great treat get right back to your healthy eating plan. One meal will not make you fat or ruin your efforts. Sometimes we have to change our “all or nothing” attitude to a more “big picture” balanced approach!! We ask you to think 80/20 this holiday season (see more about this in the lifestyle package). Sometimes it is as simple as changing our thoughts just a little that makes a HUGE difference!!

12. Skip the elastic waistband. So many of us when we know we are going to “pig out” wear something really comfy that has an expanding waistline. This year dress in something that isn’t your “eating clothes.” Wear nice jeans and a pretty top. This simple step can keep you from bingeing.

Quick Holiday Tips!

Want to fit into that little holiday outfit? Here are some short-term tricks to help you feel smooth and slender for your next big event! All tips should be started one-week from your event date for best results (after completing at least 7 weeks of the program).

1. Increase your water! We should all be at 3 liters by now. Try for 1 week to have 3-3.5 liters each day. No juice, no pop, and only two cups of coffee per day.

2. Cut artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners make us bloat and hold water. Studies have not proven yet that they don’t also contribute to weight gain.

3. Keep all complex carbohydrates and fruit snacks to before 2 in the afternoon. For afternoon snacks have protein and vegetables (broccoli/humus, tuna/red pepper).

4. Make you last meal of the day green vegetables and protein.

Follow these tips, tricks and secrets and you are sure to not only fit in your New Years outfit but you will lose weight through the holiday season!

Amy Layne CPT, CHN, Lifestyle Expert