Amy Layne’s Grocery Store Shakedown

As all of you know I always say that your main focus in the grocery store should be on the perimeter.  This still holds true.  The majority of your groceries should always come from those outside aisles but the question is when inside those aisles (because they are tempting…lol) what are some extra things that we could pick up to shake up our day or to add some flare to a meal?

Canned Vegetables

*A Bottle of Hot Peppers – I love having a bottle of banana peppers on hand to cut up and add to salad or a wrap.
*Canned Black Beans – These hearty little beans add nutrients and an earthy flavour to many different dishes.
*Chickpeas – We all know how much I love chickpeas…I won’t saturate the topic.
*Shoestring Style Bamboo Shoots – If you want to livin up a stirfry or feel you are having diner at a Tai restaurant add these to your supper tonight!
*Water Chestnuts – When you need a crunch there is nothing better than water chestnuts.  I love adding these to my vegetable stirfrys.  They have almost a meaty texture.


*Low-Sodium Vegetable Broth – Perfect for a light evening stirfy.
*Cumin – Has wonderful benefits but the flavour adds depth to your meal.
*Basil – I am in love with basil.  Add some red-curry paste, light coconut milk and basil to your chicken and vegetables…WOW!

Sauces and Spreads

*Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar – Perfect for making a light vinaigrette style dressing.
*Braggs Liquid Soy Seasoning – It is essential soy-sauce but WAY better!
*Non-Sugar Added Strawberry Jam – When you are craving something sugary and sweet this can be a god-sent!
*Salsa – The more natural the better.
*All Natural Peanut Butter

Cereal Aisle

*Fiber-One Cereal – My favorite use for Fiber-One Cereal is not as a cereal at all.  It is using it finally ground in place of bread crumbs.  You can dip cut up chicken breast in egg whites then roll in Fiber-One and bake in the oven…healthy, chicken nuggets!  Miss meatloaf?  Ground turkey, Fiber-One and spices… just like mom used to make but clean!  (turkey meatballs with Fiber-One crumbs are delicious!

Canned Soups

*Amy’s Organic Brands are always a safe bet!  If you are in a bind for supper a can of her vegetable chilli is hearty and delicious.  Amy’s brand cream of squash soup is a perfect replacement for gravy or a stew base (I have often made stew with this as the base…delish!).

Freezer Section

*Frozen Berries – Makes your smoothies that much colder.
*Frozen Chicken Breast in bulk
*Edamame – Pefect high protein snack!

With this I want you to not be fearful of the interior of your grocery store…instead embrace it but make sure to go in knowing what you are looking for!

Amy Layne
DAMY Health