Below is my client Angela Blue’s story in her own words. Angela has embodied what DAMY Health is all about! She has worked through extreme challenges, bad diets, and low-self esteem. What she has found is her true self and an amazingly fit woman! She has inspired her fellow DAMY Members and now is sharing her story with the world! Today the DAMY Team is celebrating Angela’s success and knows her future is bright. We love you Ang. Lets rock 2011! – Amy Layne

Angela’s Story:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

-Albert Einstein.

This sums up the last 20 years! Starting at the age of 6 when my parents divorced I turned to food and the weight I gained as a child stayed with me. I was never grossly overweight but I always carried 20+ pounds around. When I was 16 and away at cadet camp for the summer I had lost quite a bit of weight because of all the physical activity. At the end of the summer I was a 128lbs & 5ft tall I fit in a size 9 which was a first for me as an adult. Slowly over the next 7 years I gained it all back (and then some) hitting 189lbs in 2006. After getting engaged I knew I had to do something so I went to LA Weight Loss. I did lose 50lbs and at the time was actually proud I hadn’t exercised. Yes it worked but I eventually quit because of the lack of support I received there. I wasn’t paying to be lectured and made to feel guilty if my weight didn’t drop at each weigh in; which was 3 times a week! I also did a stint at Weight Watchers but it was not a program that worked for me. I kept most of the weight off till August 2007 when all my previous habits crept back in. By 2009 I was back up to 189lbs. During this time I went through a lot of difficult times; personally and with my marriage. I picked up the book Clean Eating by Tosca Reno and started incorporating the principles into my life. The turning point for me was a book I read by Fern Michaels. I identified with the character’s marriage and personal struggles. The woman decided to turn her life around and start putting herself first. She left her husband, got a trainer & started eating healthy. Her transformation struck right to my very core. November 2009 I went to Goodlife Fitness got a gym membership & bought 48 training sessions. This is where my journey began. I was a newbie to working out & the gym but I had an amazing trainer, Michael Martin, who knew how to motivate & push me. I developed a love of the gym & weight training. Mike became my best friend and after finishing my training he continued to help me with my workouts & nutrition. I focused on my training for the first month and focused on my portion sizes. Each month I made more changes to my eating habits. I also had other changes I needed to make too. I left my husband in January and this was the first step in taking my life back. The relationship was not healthy and I had lost me somewhere along the way. The pounds and inches were dropping off and I was feeling great! In August I knew I had reached a plateau and needed to do something different to break through. I had been following DAMY Health on facebook and liked what I saw. I started with the 12 Week Bikini Body program. The program exceeded my expectations it was easy to understand & had awesome workouts. What I wasn’t expecting was how amazing the support system was. Amy was with me every step of the way through emails, checkins & facebook. I truly believe this is what will always set DAMY Health apart. I followed the program & everything Amy told me to do and go figure it worked 🙂 I started with DAMY weighing 135lbs (size 4) and was in the lean down stage. I lost 12 lbs (size 2 is now loose) but the biggest difference was how much I had leaned down. Everything had tightened up and the muscle I had worked so hard for was finally showing. I have been very lucky to have the support of all my family & friends through this. Everyone’s comments & words of encouragement helped to keep me motivated. Part of this was tracking my weight loss on facebook because I wanted people to see if I could do it so could they. My journey is far from over the next step for me to do the ALP program with Amy and I can’t wait to start it. The best investment anyone can make is the one in themselves.


Angela Blue

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