I just had an amazing experience I wanted to share!

I’ve been drawn to this book store for the last two weeks and today I got to meet the owner. He is a 70 year old man that explained to me when he opened his book store (over 20 years ago) he only had a grade two education and could not read or write.

When he was asked how he could open a book store without being able to read or write he simply answered “God will take care of me.” 8 years ago he went back to school and learned how to read and write.

While I was there today he reached into his pocket and pulled out two items – an angel and a piece of citrine. He said he always carries these with him. I was stunned. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the exact same two items.

I’m so grateful for meeting my new friend and for him sharing his inspiring story with me! This man solidified to me today that fear is nothing, faith is everything and it’s never too late.
Angels walk among us

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