“Hi Amy! Great advice. Everything you said makes sense…but that doesn’t make it any easier to change bad habits, hence the saying “Old habits are hard to break”. I agree that recognizing what foods are healthy is not rocket science, but to many people (myself included!), convincing yourself to eat these foods and not default to those oh so tasty “junk foods” is (maybe even harder!!), in some cases requiring oneself to find the strength to break an actual addiction to food. I realize that you are not a therapist(!), but do you have any advice on how to break this cycle and commit to a lifestyle change for a healthy mind and body? Interested to hear your opinion!!”

Thanks so much!

It sure is all about the mind body connection! I have done a lot of work in educating myself in the mind body connection to eating! One of the years in my studies was based on this underlying issue with women and the emotional connection with food. If you have read my blog, or website I talk about this often.

I have developed my programs the way I have to fill that void that exists in the diet world. Anyone can buy an eating/workout program and follow it. Some will lose weight and some will not. About half will gain the weight back UNLESS they deal with the underlying issue that has caused them to gain the weight in the first place. This is what I do! I work with each client on an individual basis. I support my clients and talk to many daily via email. I understand it and not only am I educated in the field and continue to update my education but I have lived it! I have watched my family live it and many of my clients for years in my aesthetic business.

I love what I do and have a true passion for showing women their worth and helping them deal with and figure out not only how to lose weight but how to keep it off for life! It is a challenge at first, but it becomes second nature. Then again, what in life that is really worth it doesn’t pose some challenge!

If you are looking for an online program girl I am here! I have many options! I will tell you one thing I know for sure, Anyone can break the chains of emotional eating and genetics.

It is funny how life happens! This is the daily I sent out to my clients that very day I received this question!