Well yesterday was a day and a half!! My day started as it always does. Up at 6 or 630 and take to dogs to our amazing ocean front dog park . I walk for 30 minutes then head home. Before I do anything else I sit on my floor pillow and mediate for 30 minutes. It is truly the best way to start my day. Fresh air, exercise with my puppies and fiance and meditation to center myself for the day. At this point I have my breakfast.(I eat almost the same thing every day). I don’t eat at a table. No I bring my meal and first 800mls of water to the computer desk where my day starts. I answer emails, update my groups and website. I check out my personal emails and pretend to have a social life. I then start working at my business and making sure that everything is where I want it. All the programs are always being updated and am always working on new workouts for my clients. I worked the whole day not taking a moment. I ate at the desk and only left to use the washroom . At 7pm I ran (I mean ran) to the water front where we were doing a boot camp style workout. It was an intense class of stairs, running, sprints, pushups, mountain climbers, and burpies. While doing this insane workout I couldn’t help but feel so grateful that I live in such an amazing place. I get to workout on the ocean under the bright moon or rising sun. Its always warm and peaceful. Its like B.C is an other element to my workouts that make them that must better and more healthy. So in my bliss of thinking about all this I turn the other direction to start my sprints and the moon is HUGE. It looks like a painting. So beautiful. My finance and I are mentally exhausted and are now in the process of physically exhausting our selves. Here comes this nice couple laughing flirting. They go and sit down under the moon on a rock and cuddle just taking it all in and each other. They are laughing and smiling. Hugging and flirting. They seem unbothered by the ugly grunts of us doing sprints and for a moment I thought..”hummm is it all worth it?” I mean we are always demanding more and more of our selves in work, self improvement, and physical training. Why? We are do betters. We are reach the unreachable star people. That is what we do. Maybe we should be on a beach making out. Not a care in the world. Acting “young”. Just living.

Then I finished my sprints and felt AMAZING. How far I had come. How happy I was with myself. As Dave and I walked home holding hands, sweat pouring off us and smiling. I felt good. I know that we sometimes give up short term pleasures for big gains and it always feels amazing. So home we went……………… to do our weight training for the day…..
We hit the bed around 930 and passed out. Oh the life of a hippy at heart and an A type in the mind. We are planning a vacation…………. Soon..