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Be Protein Bar Savvy! 
            When we are on the go and find ourselves without a snack it seems smart and easy to grab a protein bar.  We have to be careful with the protein bars we choose.  When we are in a rush, hungry, and see a label that says things like “Healthy, Low-Fat, High-Protein, and Low Carb” we are convinced we are doing the right thing.  I mean the label says “Healthy” right?  Not all protein bars are made equal.   You need to be Protein Bar Savvy and read those labels. 
            Protein bars were developed from the idea of having a high-protein, low-sugar, balanced carbohydrate meal replacement or snack that was not only yummy but was on everyone’s diet plan.  The problem is every company under the moon jumped on this bandwagon.  The majority of the protein bars on the market today are loaded with chemicals that are difficult to pronounce, alcohol sugars, wax, and more sugar than your average chocolate bar.  You think you are making a wise choice when in fact you are hindering your healthy eating efforts.  The good news is there are some great protein bars on the market.  These bars are made up of dried fruit, nuts, and natural sources of protein.  Two brands that I love and are well balanced with whole, natural ingredients are: Lara Bar and Raw Food Bar.  The Lara Bars come in many different flavours ranging from Key Lime Pie to Cashew Cookie.  You can feel great knowing these bars are a healthy source of energy. 
            If you are on the ball and want to make your own I have a great recipe for some homemade protein bars!  This is a recipe that I share with my clients and have grown to love!  It is perfect for on-the-go.
1 Cup Sliced Almonds                        1 Cup Apricots (dried and diced)
1 Cup Old Fashioned Oatmeal            1 Cup Honey or Agave Nectar
1 Cup Natural Peanut Butter            3 Scoops Protein Powder
1) Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan using medium heat. Make sure everything is stirred in and coated.
2) On a 9×9 pan spray a little non-stick cooking spray.
3) Press ingredients into the pan evenly.
4) Place pan in fridge for 45 minutes to cool. 
5) Slice into squares and wrap individually in tinfoil.
Enjoy!  As always, I love hearing from you!  Send me an email with a comment or question.
Amy Layne