What you can see from my before and after pictures is weight loss. What you can’t see is everything I gained. In taking control of my health and future. I gained self confidence, self esteem, happiness, joy, achievement, great digestion, clear skin, strong nails, thicker hair, great moods, self love and I am able to handle stress much better. Every part of my life has become better by 100%. If you are having a hard day getting going with your health and fitness routine consider this… This is your only life. You are the one and only person that can control your future. You have the power to create any future for yourself that you decide. Decide to have a healthy, happy future! Surround yourself with people who inspire you and want your dreams to become reality. Ignore anyone that doesn’t believe in you or tries to sabotage you. You are the only person who can control what you put your attention on. Once you decide that you are going to make your life amazing don’t look back.

I want you to envision someone in a race taking the time to look back to see where everyone else is. This is not only going to slow the racer down but it could cause them to lose the race. Decide what you want to do, envision where you want to be, and focus on that with infinite patience. What I mean by infinite patience is when you know a goal is going to happen you don’t go after it with the attitude of “I gotta go really fast right now to make this happen…and if I mess up it’s never going to happen.” It’s more of a calm, cool, collected confidence. Goals are not all-or-nothing. They are steady and consistent. Your ‘looking back’ should only be a celebration of how far you’ve come.

Improving your life starts by getting healthy… healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. This all starts from these simple mental shifts. By changing your mindset from woe-is-me to destiny creator, going from “dieting is so hard” to “my lifestyle is healthy eating,” and from “I don’t have enough time to exercise” to “exercising gives me more energy to do the things I want to do.” Every positive thought about yourself adds strength and a vibration that can create a future you never dreamed possible. Every healthy meal choice is nourishing every cell in your body. Think about eating as providing energy, beauty, longevity, and success to your life. Every workout is “YOU time.” It’s a break away from everything else in the world to be just at one with you and yourself. Every workout creates more energy, longevity, strength, and at last your goal physique. When people say they don’t have time or money to have a healthy lean body they are disillusioned. Your body is the only place you have to live from. It is your number 1 investment. So invest in it. Invest healthy food, positive thoughts, and exercise into your precious capsule that carries you everyday. Stop thinking about it as just aesthetic weight. I stopped thinking about that a long time ago. The truth is what makes a healthy lean body so attractive is the fact that it’s healthy. It took time, effort, and commitment to create. Now that’s beautiful.

So when I look back at my before and after pictures I don’t think negatively about where I was before. What I do see is an unhappy, unhealthy person with no dreams and a closed minded future. That person used to say abusive thoughts to try to get themselves “skinny.” When I look at my after picture I see a person that loves themself, that sets goals and is committed to them. I see joy, health, and jubilation. I see freedom and I know that all my dreams are possible because I’m creating them. I’m making them happen. I’m not waiting on a magic pill or someone to come rescue me. I’m clearing the path and I’m walking down it every single day. All I have to do is be in the right mindset, work hard, and never look back.

This morning I had another “ah ha” moment. I was watching an eagles next on UStream (don’t ask lol) and it was the last chick to hatch. As I was watching this eagle chick begin to peck through its shell I thought “now isn’t that how life is.” Like the chick we live in this small little enclosed world and we think that’s all there is. We’re safe, we’re warm, we’re restricted but we stay there because that’s all we know. As I watched the chick begin to break through my husband said “my gosh this takes a long time” as hours lapsed on the video. I just thought that’s so how we are as humans. We see through this little crack that there’s more out there but we are so scared to break free and fly in this big world. Your life is more than what you see right now. Your current reality is just like that egg shell… break out of it. There’s so much more so see, do and be.