Today I am excited to share with your Berenise’s DAMY Bikini Body Program Success Story!

Berenise is a star that found her inner athlete and passion for fitness during her 12 Week Bikini Body Journey. During her journey she not only transformed her own body she shared her passion and motivated others.

Berenise is the perfect example of someone who doesn’t have a lot of body fat to lose yet wants to take their physical fitness to the next level. She leaned out, tightened and toned her whole body.

She is vibrant, full of energy and stunningly fit from head to toe. I know there is so much more to come from Berenise as her passion for fitness is only growing.

Berenise – We are so proud of you Berenise and are excited to welcome you on as a DAMY Health Ambassador. Just looking at your photos is inspiring to so many. Your stunning physical beauty coupled with your vibrant energy is so motivating and sets you apart. Continue shining. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

Berenise’s Bikini Body Program Success Story“Amy is incredible and I love her holistic approach!”

What weight loss results did you achieve on your DAMY Program?
I lost 9.8 lbs with the program in just 12 weeks. I went from a size 2-3 to a size 0 in pants.

Other than weight loss, how else has DAMY helped you?

As I’ve expressed to Amy in previous emails, I saw a HUGE change in my energy levels. I cut out breads and dairy (with the exception of eggs) completely from Day 1 of the program and felt like a completely different person. My complexion cleared up and I just felt a lot better about myself.

What do you love about DAMY?

What I love about the program is that Amy was always very approachable and willing to help. What drew me to her program initially was that we are the same height and I saw her results and read about her fitness journey and was immediately inspired to be apart of the program. I put in 110% during the program. I ate on plan and added the superset options, kick it up options, heavy weights and also simultaneously followed her half marathon advanced program. I am pleased with my results and loved how easy to follow the program was. It allowed me a flexible diet and made me learn more about nutrition and a well-balanced diet. I also became quite the chef and I love it all!

Amy is incredible and I love her holistic approach. It made me love eating healthy (I used to HATE veggies) and love gym workouts (I was always an athlete and never needed a gym since I just played the sports and was in great shape). All I’ve got to say is you get what you put into it. She gives you the tools you need to succeed and the tools to get the body you want and it’s up to you to get it–with her help every step of the way if you’d like it, of course!

– Berenise (Bikini Body Program Member)




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