Lyme Disease Prevention:

The rate of lyme disease has been increasing rapidly over the last 10 years. Is it due to improved testing, climate change, an increased prevalence in deer ticks or some other mechanism?

It is difficult to know.

This week the NY Times reported that it may be due to an increase in the deer population because of a reduction in wolf and cougar population. Is this occurring on the west coast of Canada? With recent wolf culls I wonder. Today on the show we talk about our discouragement with governmental interference with animal populations around regions of the west coast.

Are these interventions increasing the rate of Lyme disease? It is possible and the solution is evident.

The Benefits of Omega 3s:

Omega 3 supplementation has taken a hit in the media since a report last year showed they provided no benefit. We know that is false because of the abundance of studies showing their effectiveness at the proper dosages. Two more positive studies were released this week.

We discuss the results… Reduced aggression in kids and reduced post-stroke brain damage in mice. Two different but equally important applications.

Standing Desks – I love them:

What is your stance on standing desks? I think they are great.

We are constantly being told we sit too much. Sitting is terrible for the low back and hips.

Could standing desks help with weight loss? The research we discuss today is a BMI study assessing the effectiveness of standing desks for reducing BMI in children. Hot tip – it works!

Listen today to hear the details.

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