The Ultimate Boob, Booty & Bump Butter

The Ultimate Boob, Booty & Bump Butter

My Ultimate Boob, Booty & Bump Butter recipe is an all natural, super hydrating, healing and protective recipe that has amazing benefits. It helps to heal your skin, prevents and fades stretch marks and makes your skin luminous, soft and smooth. This is my ultimate body butter recipe but if you are looking for a less expensive, easier to make recipe with just a couple of ingredients you can...

31 Days to a Better YOU! Day #30 Meditation!

Meditation and alone time…Meditation is simply spending quiet time away from all distractions and just breathing.  Of course, I could go into much more detail but if you are just starting this is as simple as it needs to be!  Everyday find at least 10 minutes to be completely alone and let your thoughts go.  Just shut your eyes, sit or lay in a comfortable position, and...

31 Days to a Better YOU! Day #23 Vision Board!

This is an old stand-by tool that works!  Fill your board with pictures that bring you pleasure or things you would like to see in your own life.  Some great examples are: girlfriends laughing, a woman going for a jog, clothes you enjoy, travel pictures, or healthy produce.  Build a visual of the life you want to create for yourself!Amy...

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