Secretly Healthy Coconut Mounds Balls

Secretly Healthy Coconut Mounds Balls

These Secretly Healthy Coconut Mounds Balls are perfect for the holiday season. These bite-sized chocolate covered coconut bites are a delicious treat. If you love coconut and chocolate you will adore this recipe. There are lots of mounds bar truffles out there but many contain evaporated milk, added sugar, butter, etc. This recipe is made with all natural whole food ingredients so you can have...
Healthy Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars

Healthy Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars

The weather this week has been dark and drizzly here in Vancouver so I took full advantage and started with creating some Fall recipes. First up – my Healthy Chocolate Fudge Oat Bars. I’m really sad to see Summer go this year but at the same time Fall always brings a refreshed and exciting energy. You can expect to see lots of baking, root vegetables, pumpkin, caramel, apples and...
Fiber – A Message from Coach David

Fiber – A Message from Coach David

Are you getting enough fiber? I want to take this chance to share with you exactly what fiber is, why it is important to us and where we can get it! 1) What is fiber? Fiber is what we call the components of plants that our bodies don’t digest. They simply pass right through us. Along the way they provide us with some great benefits! There are two different types of fiber: soluble and...

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl by Tommy Europe

You’ve probably heard of quinoa – it is hailed by some as the new super food. It’s high in protein (12%-18%) and contains a balanced set of essential amino acids – this means it’s a surprisingly complete protein. It’s also high in fiber and iron. And, as if the edible seeds didn’t have enough going for them, NASA is thinking about growing it in space....


Don’t condemn yourself or make it worse…recognize that you are stressed…make a plan for after work to take a long bath in candle light…breath deep…get some fresh air…and a few moments of quiet…say to yourself “this too shall pass.”

What is HIIT???

We’ve had lots of people asking about HIIT. It stand for High-Intensity Interval Training. This means repeated bouts of high-intensity exercise, interrupted by rest. This type of training boosts lower-body strength and power, triggers weight loss, and builds fitness quickly. While the training is intense and difficult, the results are amazing. We have each and everyone of you doing...

Push-Up Challenge!

In main stream exercise programs today we are so focused on cardio, cardio, cardio. To have a slim, strong, manageable physique it is essential to have muscle strength. A great way to build muscle is using your own body. This month, we want you to try to do 1 push-up (knee’s bent or regular). For most of you this will be very challenging (we don’t expect you to be superman right from...

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