Lower Body Home 2

Warm-up: 5 Minutes Cardio – If you have bands or weights feel free to add them to these exercises. Set 1–3x Squat with alternating toe touch 3×10 each side Push Ups 10x Set 2–3x Stationary Lunges 20x each side Calf Raises 20x Set 3–3x Step Ups (use a coffee table, chair, or stairs) 15x each side Speed Skaters 10x each side Set 4 – 3x Squats 20x Alternating forward lunges 20x Alternating...

Home Upper Body 2

Warm-up: 5 Minutes Cardio Core 3x Exercise Ball Crunches 10x Plank 20 sec Push-ups 8x Reverse Curl Toe Touch 20x Bicycle 20x V-Ups 10x Upper Body 3x – using bands if necessary. 2 Way Shoulder 15x each (raise to front and side) 1A Row 15x 21 Bicep Curls Bench Dips 20x (use a chair or coffee table that won’t tip) Upright row 15x Wide Pushups 10x Cardio Crank! If you don’t have cardio equipment do...

Band Workout

5 min warm up – walking/jogging Set – 20 shoulder press – 20 bicep curl – 15 tricep dips – 20 pushups – 20 overhead tricep extension – 20 upright row – wrap band around leg of bed – 20 squat press – air squat followed by shoulder press – 40 Russian Twists – 10 V-Ups Repeat...

A Day at the Park

Warm Up – 5 Minutes Set 1 – Perform the following sequence of exercises consecutively. Repeat sequence 3x Squat knee lift – 15x each side Up down elbow plank – 5x each side Sprint 4 lengths of the room 10 one leg push ups (5x each side) 20 Russian twists (10x each side) rest 20 seconds Set 2 – Do one exercise for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat 8x for a total of 4 minutes. Then move...

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