Super Easy 1-Pot Vegan Thanksgiving

Super Easy 1-Pot Vegan Thanksgiving

Here in Canada we had our Thanksgiving this past weekend. I usually like to make Holidays special and be sure to create all our favorite Holiday Recipes. This year, however, we had just moved homes and offices so I was really tired out. I decided to cut out our creamy whipped cauliflower, faux cheesy broccoli and desserts keeping our meal super simple yet delicious. I always decide between...

Eating at a Family Dinner

If you are finding yourself at a family dinner, a friends house or eating out here is a safe way to keep your portions in check when you can’t measure.   Use your hand to measure!!! Whole grains, pasta, potatoes = your tightly clenched fist Fruit= your tightly clenched fist Lean protein= your palm Low fat Dairy (skim milk, low fat plain yogurt (one tightly clenched fist) Fats (nuts,...
Healthy Traveling Guide – Lose Weight on the Road

Healthy Traveling Guide – Lose Weight on the Road

Here are DAMY’s 7 essential tips to keep you on track while on vacation! Whether it’s a working trip or a family holiday the following tips will ensure you stay on track with your weight loss and fitness goals while traveling. I’ve had many DAMY Members actually lose weight while away from home using this simple game plan. This is a post you’ll want to reference often. It...

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