If you are finding yourself at a family dinner, a friends house or eating out here is a safe way to keep your portions in check when you can’t measure.

Use your hand to measure!!!

  • Whole grains, pasta, potatoes = your tightly clenched fist
  • Fruit= your tightly clenched fist
  • Lean protein= your palm
  • Low fat Dairy (skim milk, low fat plain yogurt (one tightly clenched fist)
  • Fats (nuts, nut butters, cheese, oils, ) one to 2 thumbs.


Extra Tips

  1. If you are having alcohol skip the fruit and whole grains. Keep your choices clean and have one glass of water after each drink (wine = red is a good choice, vodka with soda water and lime it a great choice as well).
  2. Go for the salad and veggies first! Load your plate up with these choices and go from there moving onto a lean protein choice.
  3. If the potatoes are creamy skip them and opt for a whole grain roll or baked sweet potato.
  4. Skip gravy’s or creamy extras and keep it basic.
  5. Before heading to an event that you know you will be tempted plan to succeed by have a small meal before hand! Have lean protein and a good fat so you feel satisfied before you go and are not staving.
  6. If you have been before and you know their won’t be any healthy options bring something!!
  7. Everyone loves a guest that comes bearing food! Bring a veggie tray with guacamole and hummus. If you are planning ahead make a clean eating dish!! Your loved ones will support you in your healthy journey! You make the effort and make no excuses for it and you never know, you may just inspire them. Keep in mind that this is not just for a lean body but is is for your over all health and longevity!!! When you share you healthy journey with your loved one it is like spreading love! What a great gift!

Let me know your stand-by DAMY inspired party recipes!! I would love to share them with our team!