I have received some emails from some of you that you are having a hard time with family.  The issue is that they pressure or tease you about your new lifestyle. There are many reasons for this.  Some may include: jealousy of your new attitude, fear that you will change and they will remain the same, and so many more. Many people are afraid of change. They are afraid of really giving life all they have. It makes them uncomfortable. All you can do is follow your dreams. You have chosen and taken the steps to create the best life for yourself. Don’t preach your new lifestyle just simply live it. Let your fabulousness be the living example of change, dedication, hard work, goal setting and choosing a better life for you and all the people around you. I promise you this…Everyone that matters will be happy for you and everyone that is around for the wrong reasons will leave or force you to leave them.

You are all on a beautiful journey that is so much more than weight loss. You are seeing who you truly are and what you really can do. Enjoy this process and make everyday count!   I love you all and you inspire me everyday!